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Can AppleTV2 take the place of Sonos?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by devman, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Can a bunch of AppleTVs be used as room or zone audio devices? ie. Put one in each room, connect to an amp and speakers. Then anyone with a macbook or iDevice can stream audio to it?

    How about if a central iTunes media server was setup using home sharing to macbooks. Can those macbook users then stream audio to a designated AppleTV? i.e. say one machine i setup to receive all iTunes content. Then macbook users share it using home sharing. Can one of those macbook users then stream playback to an AppleTV?

    Basically, I'm wondering if a multi-zone audio system like Sonos could be achieved using the new AppleTvs.

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    It looks like it will, and done conveniently if you have the new Apple Remote on your phone or Ipad. The apple remote app allows you to select where to stream content , either to an appletv or airport express for audio and if the screen shots on the Apple Remote app are correct, you can control volume independently. Not sure if Itunes 10 allows independent volume through different speakers.

    One limitation may be streaming different content at the same time i.e. streaming a movie to your ATV, streaming music to Airport Express and streaming a different song to a second Airport Express or a different movie to a second ATV ... but if you have two computers running I am sure you can get two different content streams going and the remote app can control what goes where and at what volume or control it from the computer.

    I have 7 distinct music zones in my house and I plan on slowly adding Expresses or ATV's. I currently have two Airport expresses but only one being used for music. When i get the ATV up and running (not shipped yet) and hook up the second express I will post on the ability to run multiple content streams. I am pretty sure you cant run two different audio streams out to two different Airport Expresses through on Itunes session, you can run one stream out to multiple expresses. Know idea what may happen when you bring the new ATV into the mix.

    I think that with the ATV, the updated remote app and the ability to control volume by zone through the remote app that Sonos should be concerned. If multiple content streams through one iTunes session is possible then it could be a Sonos killer. We have 5 computers and only three people in the house. I don't think we will ever need 5 unique stream's going at once, but it can done by and controlled through the remote on your phone.
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    thanks. I am very interested to hear your results once you can test some of this.

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