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Can i connect my G4 800Mhz iMac to my TV?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by marknicholls, Mar 19, 2005.

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    I have looked all over the place for a cheap solution, is there any kind of adapters i can buy? I have seen adapters to convert the rectangular port (sorry i have no idea what the name of it it but it has a vdu picture by it) to a VGA but nothing else

    Are there any convertors to convert it for use on a TV? so i can use my mac as a DVD player?

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    crap freakboy

    well, a few years back a mate of mine who lives in Amsterdam wanted to do the same thing , same mac as yours. He bought something called Averkey, although the picture quality is pretty good, theres got to be something way better in terms of quality and price after all these years....sorry I havent answered your question have i?
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    A S-Video or composite picture on a TV may be OK for displaying photos and movies, but will not be clear enough for typical text and software use.
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    Compatible with:
    iBook without an external reset button,12-inch PowerBook G4, eMac (with AirPort Extreme), iMac G5, or 17-inch iMac (1GHz) with mini-VGA port.

    are you sure this will work with a G4 15"imac?

    If so, will this lead then connect the to Adapeter, and then the tv?


    Many Thanks
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    ..which is due to the resolution on TVs and not so much the connection type. HDTV would do quite a bit better for text and such but a normal TV won't work except as a media display center.
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    so eyehome may be the only viable option....
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    In my experience the TV was limiting factor, so I can't really tell you how it would stand up on something HighDef. Sorry . . . not much help . . .

    The other option (if you can afford some more cash would be to go to a firewire DAC/ADC box such as the Pyro AV Link or a Dazzle. That woudl also give you the option of going from your TV tuner/vcr/dvd player into your iMac. Unfortunately this is going to cost you a couple hundred as opposed to the $19 for the Apple adaptor.

    EDIT: About the option found on Ebay: I'm a skeptic, USB (sounds like 1.0) doesn't exactly provide the bandwidth to get 29.97 fps, 800x600, and full color without clipping or interlacing somewhere. Someone else who understands what bandwith would actually be require might be able to validate or contest this. I just know from trying to import from MiniDV via USB 1.0, that it sucks and take about 10X real-time.
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    I agree - same concerns as myself - think ill have to give it a miss, there is no way USB 1.0 can transmit anywhere near the amount of data needed

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