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Can I copy a playlist from an iPod Video to iTunes?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Funplex, Jul 19, 2008.

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    My iPod Video (5th Gen) started to act all pukey and I want to restore it, but I would like to back up my playlists before I do so.

    Is it possible to copy a playlist that exists on the iPod-- to iTunes?

    I dont need to copy music itself, just the playlist order of songs.

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    You could take a screen shot in iTunes with the keystroke "Shift Command 4+
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    Yeah that would be a last ditch effort---

    Is there any reason why Apple didnt make this an option? I have a bad habit of buying new music and directly dragging and dropping it to the playlist on the ipod instead of the one on iTunes and I find the list on the computer gets outdated quite quick.
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    Actually, you might want to try Senuti

    Apple didn't build that feature in as a way of preventing, or at least slowing down, piracy
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    I just don't get it because all it is, is duplicating the playlist--- the order of songs.

    Ill try out that program-- thanks!

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