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Can I get a copy of my receipt?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by alec, Aug 30, 2006.

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    I bought my MacBook approximately 2 months ago, and have JUST started experiencing a few problems. However, while panicking because my computer wouldn't start up, I realized I've lost my receipt!

    Question: is it possible to go back to the Apple Store where I purchased it and get a copy of the receipt? And will they service my computer if I don't have the receipt handy (I'm thinking they will have to if I have hardware problems and obviously the MacBook has been out for less than a year, so still under the 1 year warranty). Anyway, thanks in advance.
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    They probably won't give you a copy of the receipt but they will be able to look it up and service it without issue.
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    They've never requested a receipt when I go in for service at the Apple store; don't worry about it.
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    Thanks for the help, I think my MacBook may need some servicing (much like a lot of other people) pretty soon...
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    I think they would only ask for it if you want a full refund etc.
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    no, they didn't.
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    Apple will just look up your serial number and thats all you will need to get it repaired.
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    Even if you don't need it, you can get copies of receipts for anything ordered through the Apple Store in the past 18 months.

    Go to the store, clock on Your Account, and log in.
    Click View Your Orders.
    Pick the appropriate time from the View Your Orders menu on the right.
    Click View Order Details on the purchase you are interested in.
    At the top of the order detail page, click "Login with your Apple ID to make changes to your order."
    Finally, you'll see a "Print all invoices" link at the top of that page. The receipt will be marked as a duplicate.
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    you are making the assumption that it's an online order, but in fact, according to the OP
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    Brick & mortar store purchases often show up in that system as well.
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    I bought my Macbook Pro at an Apple Store.

    They can give you a hard-copy receipt. I lost mine due to moving out of an apartment and into a new place, and they confirmed that I could get a new copy.

    I checked to see if my Apple Store order would show up on the Apple Store Online system. It doesn't show on any of the purchase lookups. I assume any store purchases at any location you visit must be looked up through that specific store.
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    try actually buying something from the store, and check your receipt online, before you making that false assumption and report

    provided.. i dont know where you are from, but it does not work like that in the US store (and from that i assumed it doesn't work like that period)
    plus, it's not logical for those two to be linked... i mean, what information do they use to link these two? i use the same email address onlien AND in the store, the online accoutn still doesn't show store purchases

    and to OP, perhaps next time you are at the store, you can request them to email you a receipt... they usually ask me, but when they don,t i ask them
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    I bought a MacBook Pro two years ago, can't access my receipt online, and I bought it online, and have lost the original.. any suggestions on what I should do ?
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    When you get a MacBook, or any other Apple device, you should then make a digital copy of your receipt, either by camera, or a copy of your original digital receipt, and then place it on the desktop of your computer. Then you always have it, and will know where to find it for later.

    :) :) :) :)
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    Any store can look up receipts. You do need to tell them which store it was originally from. However the stores cannot pull up online orders.
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    Well thank you for that.. to late right now.. as my computer also is broken it would be no help.. I just need someone to give me advice how is best to get my receipt from apple right now ??
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    Have you asked Apple?
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    I think they'll just check your serial #, you should be fine.
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    As an Apple-certified technician, I can tell you they can pop your serial number into a web interface and pull up warranty info on your system (I could as well), receipt or no receipt.
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    I guess it comes down to they don't need your receipt for repairs. They can pull it up and print for you though if you want it for your records.
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    First web site I visit after purchasing any major Apple product (not counting things like accessories, that is) whether in store or online is right here:


    Then you can always check your serial number, warranty coverage details, and your complete repair history here:


    You can register your products at any time, and it's come in real handy in the past.
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    Yes, plain and simple. Pretty sure they can by name or phone number; possibly credit card #.
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    Whenever I buy something at the Apple retail store, I have a copy of the receipt emailed to me, which seems to be the default as I sometimes have to ask for a hard copy receipt. Those thermal printed store receipts tend to fade in a couple of years.
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    They check by serial number. Apple has a thing on their website to check the warranty.
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    hi- invoices

    I have the same problem. have to move and may have sent my invoice with my previous things by sea. I brought iMacs at the local Apple Agent here in Austria. But the invoices do not show up on my Apple profile. The items are all there- but no option to download the receipt. Have sent an email asking them for a reissue or copy.

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