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Can i get wifi at home without a pc?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Cje60, Nov 20, 2009.

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    I only have a touch and want wifi at home but a lot of the wifi providers mention a cd and intalling software etc
    My neighbours wont tell me their passwords and i am spending a lot of time up the street in the cafe who vary kindly did give me their password.
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    You probably only need a PC (with a wired Ethernet connection) to set up a wireless router to start with, and after that, you should be able to use your iPod Touch to connect to your router wirelessly to maintain it after that. So maybe you could borrow a laptop to set the wireless router up for the first time?

    Routers don't actually need the CD or install software, as you just browse to something like on your network (using any browser - Safari on the iPod Touch is fine) to control the router.
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    This is mostly true, but when I got both my routers they needed to be plugged into a computer to set up the wireless account.

    My suggestion to the OP is to set up the wireless aspect of the router on a computer at someone elses house, and take it back to your house. Or have someone bring a laptop to your house to set it up.
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    I agree completely. (And I think that's what I said! :) )
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    One thing the OP doesn't mention - does he have an internet connection at home? He says he just has an iPod Touch, but doesn't mention if he would have anything to plug a router into with or without a computer to set it up. You still need something to plug the router into.
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    Thanks for all your advice, i am a she and my dob is the 60 so not very techy.....dumb questions.... ive got a phone line, can i plug a router into that? Is the apple airport a router?:confused:
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    You need to sign up with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to get internet access. They will supply you with the correct equipment to access the internet, remember to ask for a wireless router to use with your iPod touch.
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    Honestly, if you get decent AT&T reception in your home, you might be better off buying an iPhone than setting up a high speed internet connection just for your iPod touch. That's especially true if you're already paying for a home telephone line. If you got the iPhone, you could cancel that home telephone line and just use the iPhone.
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    A lot of people in the USA are reporting big problems with AT&T reception.

    I think her chance of getting decent reception in Scotland are pretty slim. ;)
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    Why do you think that? Scotland is not necessarily as far behind in basic technology as the US.
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    He was referring to actual AT&T coverage since the poster told her to go sign up with them ;)

    To the OP - depending on the monthly cost, the iPhone might be a better alternative than paying for internet and only using it for the Touch.

    Perhaps you can get some sort of MiFi device in your area?
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    Depending on how well you know your neighbours... ever consider giving one of them a few quid a month to get the password for their wifi? Having an iPod touch (now with the wife) & an iPhone, I wouldn't think your usage would get that high unless your are a twitter/facebook addict or something :)
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    oops! Sorry about that!
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    This is how one of my neighbors gets wi-fi; he pays his next door neighbor $ 10 per month and gets the password/key. It works fine for both parties.

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