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Can i hook up a PowerMac g4 1ghz to a tv?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by junkionxl, Feb 28, 2003.

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    I am just wondering what do i need to hook up a sweet dual 1ghz PowerMac to a tv...I own a 27 inch flat screen and it has something ont he back that says monitor but i am not sure if it meant "computer monitor". if its just a s-video hook up i am fine or do i need some sort of an adapter?
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    Well I can't be the most helpful here because I have a powerbook not a PM, but...There are several ways to hook up to your TV(some better than others)
    1) Thru video-out (composite/s-video) to your TV or VCR or DVD player (if applicable)
    2) Thru a scan converter, which converts your TV into a duplicate monitor (via analog/serial? out). That is what I do...don't know about ADC connectors though...
    However, you didn't mention why you wanted to do this in the first place...I use my TV as a duplicate monitor sometimes to watch a movie on my harddrive, but it is horrible as a monitor (it's a 31" TV), so not sure what you want...as far as the monitor connection on your TV, I am at a loss, since I can't see the wisdom of running a monitor straight into your TV, but someone probably knows. Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful...good luck.
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    Re: Can i hook up a PowerMac g4 1ghz to a tv?

    i am not familiar with the port you arer speaking of, but i am 99% sure the powermac does not come tv connectable out of the box. you CAN get a video card or an adapter to do this.

    remember, your tv is VERY low resolution. It is not as nice as you think. I hook my powerbook up to my toshiba 20" pureflat and it usually sets the tv's resolution to 800x600 i think.

    imagine 800x600 on a 27" computer monitor. it would look like crap.
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    Not to hijack the thread, but I have tried the S-Video out to my TV from my 12", and it was totally unreadable, static and flipping, and yes it was on the right channel.

    Do we need to change any settings to make our Macs work with TVs? Can I play a DVD from my PowerBook to my TV?
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    thsi would be very simple but apple is to cheap to even give us svideo out on the video cards. i mean if your gonna pay 400 dollars for an overpriced geforce ti, atleast give us svideo. and like the other guy said, never looks good on a tv, i mean there will be some exceptions on newer nicer tvs. guess you will just have to give it a try.

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    thanks for the help!

    ya thanks for the info…i would have thought apple would screw me out of that idea. I want a powerbook or a powermac but i am undecided. i just want to use a nice monitor for it. currently i am running a g3 300mhz with 448mb of ram and a powerbook g3 300 with 192mb of ram. and the new powerbook or powermac is a graduation present and iw anted something that i can work with. I go to high school and work as a graphic artist and we use macs but i need something more powerful and looks better too. and i wanted to use my tv as a monitor but i guess thats out. well the good thing tho is that the 23 HD display dropedin price :D ! If anyone needs a powerbook g3 tho i am willing to sell it. if you need to get a hold of me im me at junkionxl or junkionxl@hotmail.com. thanks for all the help everyone.
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    In response to your question about hooking up your 12" to a TV, I am not sure what you have tried to fix the problem, but I wonder if you went through and re-detected displays and/or adjusted resolution after you hooked up...were you in mirroring mode or extended desktop? I know on my powerbook, DVDs won't play on one or the other...anyway, as I said in my above post, I use a scan converter which reaches a resolution of 1280 by 1024 and am very happy with it...cost around $100 at the local computer store...sorry if I stated the obvious above, good luck
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    Thanks, the more info i get the better the chance are for using that tv I have. I like at compusa that they have a samsung HD tv and it looks great with it running through a powerbook. and for a 100 bucks it seems to be a lot but its better then spending 2 grand on a 23 cinema display. well when the end of may comes i look forward to hook it up and see the results. The powerbook will be a graduation present soo wont know till then. Thanks for the info!
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    playing dvds amazingly look great. i sometimes looks at my laptop's screen insteadf of the huge screen in front of me. it looks more real then the tv also.
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    Just to clarify here a little...I mentioned I used a scan converter that supports resolutions up to 1280 by 1024 to use my TV as a duplicate monitor...although the scan converter does work up to 1280 by 1024 that is the limit for the source monitor, not the monitor/TV you may have hooked up. As I said before(and others have reitterated) a TV makes a very poor monitor(unless it is a very nice HDTV) so if you want to your TV occasionally to watch movies off your computer, a scan converter works nicely( I prefer the image I get with loss of resolution and different color saturation), otherwise buy a nice big monitor...either way go to a local computer store and look/ask around to find what you need. Cheers...
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    Sun Baked

    Depends on the TV, there is a post a where W-_-W connect a Mac to the 43-inch plasma display -- but the tv supported this.


    My Latest Acquisition

    And a bit more about the hook-up

    43 Inch Plasma and Mac

    If it has a analog RGB input, looking in the owner's manual to see if it'll sync to a PC signal is a good idea.
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    that tv looked like it had hdtv resolution, a regular tv would not look that nice.

    i have not tried component inputs on my tv though. that may produce a better image, but i don't have compnenet out out my laptop.
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    God Damn that looks sweet…makes me wanna open up a dredit card and max it out on a plasma!
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    I have a Dual Gig MDD, also. To get video mirroring or extra monitor I installed a ATI Radeon 7000 Mac Edition video. It has a SVideo out but also comes with an adapter to change it to an RCA out. That's what I use.

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