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Can I leave a printer on all the time?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by johnbro23, Dec 25, 2004.

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    With my eMac I leave it on, because people here at MacRumors tell me its like an appliance, and it should be kept on all the time. I turn my Creature Speakers off when I'm not at my computer because someone said that the sub will blow is its left on all the time. So now how about my printer? I don't see why not, but I didn't see why I should turn off my speakers, so thats why I'm asking...
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    My printers stay on all the time. It may be that some are fine being powered on after the computer is up and running, but others should be on at boot so it's easier to have them on constantly.

    Other than minor (to me) power savings, I see no need to turn a printer off when left connected to a computer.
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    What kind of printer do you have? Most printers will let you set it to turn off after about 5 minutes and automatically turn back on when you send something to it. Also i don't think leaving your speakers on all of the time will blow the sub. Unless you turn it up way too loud it should be fine.

    If you can't set it to turn off, it should be fine. I have an apple laser printer that has stayed on 24/7 for the past 8 years because the only way to turn it off is to pull the plug and every time it is turned on it prints a startup page.
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    I think it is okay to do that. I have one running for about 3 years, no problems. And the speakers won't be hurt, by that.
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    Like others have said, what printer?

    My printers have stayed on for years w/o problems.
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    My HP5550 shuts down after 30min of inactivity... and goes back on when I send a Print command, so I never manually trun it off... seems fine... but it depends on your printer if you can do tht, check the printer utility, if it can do the same as mine, there will be that option...

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    i leave mine on, i think it has a sleep feature of sorts- like someone mentioned previously. i dont think that leaving it on will hurt it, or cost you too much in electricity. its annoying to turn them on and have them print out the diagnostic page each time.
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    It depends on the brand and maybe the model of the printer.

    Some printers park their heads whenever they're not printing and some have a special place they move the heads to when the printer is turned off. So the question is, what model of printer?

    Anopthe rvarient is, if you print everyday to every few days (depending on the printer) then even the ones that normally require you to turn them off will be okay.
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    Most inkjet printers are meant to remain on all the time. Many will go into a power saving "sleep" mode and then "wake up" when they recieve a print job.
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    True, but not all that's why the original poster should have specified what printer.

    I'd also recommend that they be turned off if the person is going away for an extended time (a week or more).

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