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can i make my mac mini work like apple tv.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by gdeusthewhizkid, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Hey guys,

    Since my mac mini comes with a remote and i already purchase music and movies from the itunes store. Couldn't i use it as just a media hub since it gets wireless internet and i have a backup drive stored under it.

    Im curious. I think the concept of apple tv is great but i am on a serious money crunch im still a mac head though...

    please advice.
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    YEZZZ zirr, ahemm well yes you can, you can do a lot of "tricks " to the mini, ive heard and seen that you can boot it up like it was a ATV, but the ONLY drawback is the resolution output apple tv has a high def 720p output, and the mini does not.
    so if you dont mind that issue you can actualy kick ass , there is a company that sells a rack to mount your mini in a wall so you can point at it at any time.
    sick really.
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    full guides and all the software you'll need will be right there at that website. I did it to my mini, it was fun for awhile, the coolest part was the appletv startup screen.
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    Cave Man

    You will be limited on what you can do with a G4 Mini.
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    oh ok.. should i upgrade my system to one of the newer mac minis. I do want to use the intel ones. please let me know...
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    Depends on what you want to use it for. If you want to use it as a beefed-up ATV, then you'll want a Core 2 Duo model. If you don't care about playing file formats other than mp4 and/or you don't care about 1080p but still want to get media to your television, then get an ATV and have your current Mac mini stream content to it.

    If you do decide on a new mini, I'd wait until January.
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    Whats happening in Jan?

    I was about to buy a Mac mini till i saw this?
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    Cave Man

    There is speculation that a revised Mini will be announced at Mac World San Francisco that will have a substantial increase in performance.
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    What happens you ask? Well every year they make newer and better Macs so the idea is that if you wait 100 years before you buy one, you can get one that is 100 times better.

    Actually a lot of people think the Mini is due for an upgrade and that the upgrade will happen early next year. But My theory is that if you cneed a computer NOW buy on e NOW and if you don't need a computer, then just don't buy one. In other words, if you can wait you don't really need one.
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    lol cheers didnt realise it was due an update. Im gonna be using it as a media center so will wait for the updated version to come out, then buy an older one off ebay.

    On another note does ne know if the mac keyboard and mice work with windows PC?
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    Normally I'd say the same. But given how long it's been since the last Mac mini update and the fact that Mac World is just around the corner, waiting to see what happens is the prudent thing to do even if you need one now.

    You don't want to always be waiting for the next best thing, but you also don't want to be one of those people who buys a computer a month or two before the next one is released.
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    Completely OFF TOPIC, but I actually had to get some files off an old Dell, and I have no windows components in my house anymore... everything worked fine on the Dell: Display, Mouse, and Keyboard
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    I no but having asked on the Mac Peripherals section and getting no reply i thought i slip it in some where else to see if ne one could help
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    I would wait until January until you upgrade I don't see why a G4 wont work for movies and music though even email and web browsing should work fine!:apple:
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    It will work find for SD movies, but not HD.
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    To the original poster:

    You should take a look at Plex. It makes you Mac Mini act like an Apple TV, but much much more powerful. It looks amazing.

    I'd considered buying an Apple TV for my front room, but it's just too limited for its price. I already have a Mac Mini so Plex looks like the way to go. I still need something for the front room, so I've put an order in for a Western Digital TV. It doesn't stream - but has 2 USB ports. That's great for me as streaming video has never been that successful for me.
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    Cave Man

    Plex doesn't run on a G4 Mini.
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    I may do that.. I hope they are a bit cheaper like around 600.
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    im testing PLEX in a day, with mi C2D mini, tell ya all about it
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    True, but the poster mentioned he was considering upgrading to an Intel Mini.

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