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Can I put a DVD-R (superdrive) in G4 AGP?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by emc2, Jul 28, 2004.

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    I was recently appproached by a client that has an older G4 500 AGP. It came with a DVD-RAM drive installed. She would like to install a superdrive and has seen used ones, pulled from older macs on auction sites such as ebay. Is there any reason why I cannot replace her factory installed DVD-RAM drive with an older model (or current) superdrive? I believe that when this machine was released the superdrive was not an option yet, so is there a firmware update that will need to be installed? The G4 is currently running OS X.2.8.
    As a follow up question; what kind of DVD-RAM media works in this drive? I have tried (without any luck) Type 2 double sided 4.7GB, and single sided without cartridge. know that it is an older technology, but shouldn't there still be mmedia available for this Apple OEM drive circa 1999-2000?
    Thanks for any help you have.
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    I just found this article about this exact issue! I hope it helps you out!

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    Thanks for the great tip, she was looking at a DVR-A04 off ebay for around $60...these are 8x burnners and SW and media for about $50 more! Not to mention that you get to buy from a company like OWC.......Thanks again....
    Is there anyonre who can help with the second part of my question????
    DVD-RAM...apple sold it and supported it....but noone seems to know anything about it. Only a few pages on Apple Tech Support and they didn't solve my problem...I could really use some help on this....I am in Hawaii and there are few to none Apple Techs on the island!
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    I suggest you purchase a Pioneer 107 drive. Ebay has them for under $90.00 delivered. I bought two in the past month.

    There are a number of companies that sell them., As long as you get the Pioneer 107D it will work fine with a Mac.

    Don't settle for less than 8X and pay more than $100.00 for it!


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