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can i put another hard drive in my quicksilver...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by g30ffr3y, Jun 26, 2003.

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    hello everyone... i have a 933mhz quicksilver g4 with two internal hard drives installed... the original one and one i added for saving some videos... i have another hard drive i wanted to add to it... but upon opening up the computer... theres no room for another ata cable that i can find... have i maxed out my internal drives??? thanks...
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    this was just discussed about a week ago or so...i did it, the poor man's way, which is to place it inside the zip drive's bay right under the optical drive...i don't recommend doing this, because it's reallly slow and not really meant to be there because it then shares the optical drives bus and what not. to do it the proper way, you need to get a ata pci card.
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    mnkeybsness is right.

    Check out Sonnet Tempo ATA133.

    It's what I use for my Quicksilver.
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    thanks guys... its not even an expensive card... i knew my mac wasnt sagging me out of MASS STORAGE!!!!
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    Might be cheaper to get a firewire case. Easier, too.

    Of course, there are advantages AND disadvantages to doing that.

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