Can I put *ANY* DVD burner in a G5 PowerMac

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by stuppy, Nov 22, 2006.

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    My G5 power mac has a standard CD burner in it that came with it when I got it - its given up the ghost. So I am going to replace it with a DVD Burner. Would I be right in thinking I can throw any DVD Burner in there? If i get the latest Pioneer Tray loading burner, that would slot right in there no problems right?

    Quick answer needed as need to order this soon as :)

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    NO, you have to make sure that your replacement drive is fully bootable.

    Generally all Pioneer drives do quite well, but you should check the
    drive compatabilty database at just to be sure.
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    I don't want an external drive, I want to replace the internal borked one.

    That website is not loading at the moment - can nobody give me some Drives that will defo work so that I can order it?

    Its actually my collegues mac at work - I need to tell the tech guy what to order exactly or he'll order the wrong drive.
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    I have a Pioneer 110D (i think) its a dual layer superdrive supported by OSX. I upgraded from a Pioneer 109 (i think) :D
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    'patchburn' helps to use a lot of burners, like a universal driver, pioneers are best for macs generally when upgrading, look here:, there good
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