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Can I upgrade my prossesor, ram, graphics card and motherboard on my MacBook Air 2008

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Jack5060, Jan 21, 2013.

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    I have a MacBook Air 2008 and I like it very much but it isn't quick enough to do what I want it to. I know your can't upgrade it individually because there all atached but I want to almost replace everything, if so is there any company that can do this for me.
    Thank you
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    You can only upgrade the hard drive on a Macbook Air.
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    It would probably be cheaper to buy a late 2010 MBA than doing what you want, as you would have to get a new logic board.
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    You could possibly buy a newer Macbook air with a broken screen and try to put everything from inside it into your current MBA, but that would not save you much money over just buying a fully working used one to replace your current one, and it may not even work.
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    How do u guys know a 2008 enclosure has the same exact interior dimension to accommodate a newer MOBO?
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    It doesn't. Members are talking out of their behind by even suggesting it.
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    If you're good with a Dremmel, you might be able to do it. The new motherboard may not have the same display adaptor, or may not line up with any of the side ports (but you have a Dremmel, so cut new ports!).

    I wouldn't recommend it.
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    Short answer: No.
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    Just sell it and buy a more recent one. I've been shopping for used MBAs lately and 2008 models sell for around $550 while you can get a 2011 for around $850. The $300 difference isn't too bad, and the performance will be much, much better.
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    With such close tolerance I think more like a laser cutting tool.

    Common folks, this is not like building a desktop clone.
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    OWC offers SSD for your MBA.
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    This. Your machine is 5 years old.
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    The only thing that you could possibly do would be to replace your logic board with one from a higher-end 2008 model Air. Even the fastest one of those you could find would still be pretty slow by modern standards.

    As others have said I would suggest selling yours for as much as you can and looking for a nice used 2010 or 2011 model.
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    Kind of off topic here but one question does the 64gb ssd for 2008 MacBook Air beat the 80gb hdd?
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    In terms of speed and overall reaction times the SSD beats the HDD, the HDD beats the SSD with 16 GB more storage capacity.
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    Splitting hair: Are we comparing 2008 SSD vs 2008 HD or 2013 HD? ^)
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    The 2010 and 2011 and 2012 MBA models do not come with an HDD, and since the original MBA came with an 80 GB HDD, the poster probably meant a 2008 4,200 RPM HDD.
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    Thanks I really needed to know the difference
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    Should i get the 2008 macbook air for portability or the macbook aluminum for power since i am upgrading from a powerbook.
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    That depends on your computational needs, thus, what are those?
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    I need power but am afraid that the aluminum macbook wont be that much thinner than my powerbook does anybody know how much more thin it is?
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    The Aluminium G4 PowerBooks were 30 mm, 28mm and 25.4 mm high (12", 15", 17").
    The 2008 MacBook Air is 4mm to 19.3 mm high.
    The 2008 Unibody Aluminium MacBook is 24.1 mm high.

    I guess your computational needs depend on thinness? Anyway, the 2008 MacBook Air is not as powerful as the 2008 Unibody Aluminium MacBook.

    Mac Benchmarks by Geekbench
  23. thei0009, Mar 18, 2013
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    Thanks alot since i am coming from the powerbook i know that the air is my choice because it is still like five times faster than my g4.
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    Apple sells a convenient upgrade kit for your 2008 MBA that takes care of all the parts you want to replace. You can pick one up at any Apple store. Ask for part number MD231LL/A.
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    Oh really thanks alot I didn't know that:)

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