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Can I use 120GB drive inside an iBook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by ImNoSuperMan, Mar 9, 2006.

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    I have a seagate Momentus 120 GB 5400.2 HDD in a usb case. All I want to know is if i can use it as an internal HDD in my 12" iBook G4(1.33ghz). Is the drive compatible?? The 40 gb one that came with it is just not enough.

    Also what will be the payoffs? Will it affect my warranty in any way.
    Also will it reduce the batterry life?
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    i'm guessing that the 120GB drive is a regular 3.5"? take out a ruler and see if that will fit in your iBook. ;)

    the answer is no. i think you'd be looking for a 2.5" HD to go inside your iBook.
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    well. It`s a 2.5" slimline notebook HDD. I know this would fit in the iBook physically(it should). All I want to know is if it`s compatible or not. A lot of laptops dont accept hdd over 100 GB due to mothrboard limits. Also will this affect my warranty in any way?
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    Actually the answer is yes. Ibooks can support a 120GB 2.5" drive. My friend has one.
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    As far as I'm informed your warranty will be void. Changing your ram config is the only thing that won't affect your warranty.
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  7. reh
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    Not quite.
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    Go for it, There's no doubt it will work the only problem is that your warranty will be void....If that isnt a concern its a nice little upgrade,

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    Thanks a lot for all your advices. I think I`ll go for the upgrade.
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    I don't know why, but there is something disturbing about Apple putting the power adapter on the repair and upgrades page. Does getting another one really qualify as an upgrade?
  11. reh
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    I'd say it's a repair.
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    I'm not sure what "slimline" means, but you must make sure that whatever drive you end up with is no taller than 9.5mm. The 12.5 mm drives will not fit.

    Do a quick search at xlr8yourmac.com and check out the Drive Compatibility Chart to determine if the hard drive you're looking at has any issues with iBooks. You might end up needing some drivers or something, although that's mainly a problem with optical drives.

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    No hard drives on here, my son. So presumably, it still voids warranty.
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    Totally just ordered a foot kit from Applecare for free to replace the ones that have fallen out over the years :D

    Gotta love that warranty action!
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    Rod Rod

    It won't affect your warranty as long as you get the upgrade done by an Apple authorized technician and keep the paperwork. The hard drive should have a separate warranty anyhow, which most likely will outlast the warranty of the iBook.

    Your battery life will be reduced but not dramatically.

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