can I use an ethernet printer wirelessly with Airport Express?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by SoarEyes, Oct 7, 2004.

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    Just ordered an Imac with airport express, and was wondering.
    If I buy an ethernet laserprinter can I use it wirelessly? If not, are there
    any usb (postscript 3) laserprinters? Also.... can I hook-up two usb printers
    to the AE at the same time.

    lots of questions! any ideas?
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    I would say yes about the ethernet printer, because the airport express is just an access point or repeater, and you are just accessing a printer instead of a network though the network port. And if you use a usb hub, you can hook up as many printers as you want. The hub will neet its own power source so get one with a power adapter.
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    Westside guy

    Sure, as long as there are drivers for it. CUPS (the Common Unix Printing System that OS X uses) handles most every printing protocol there is. It's just that there aren't always drivers for particular printers...

    I can't see how this could work. With Airport Express/Extreme the base station is acting like an Ethernet print server - you're not sending any USB identifier information as far as I know. The Airport Express/Extreme is just dumping raw printer commands onto the USB bus.
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    thanks for the info
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    Just remember the Airport Express has only one ethernet port, which will likely be used by your router. So running an Ethernet printer off it would require a separate Ethernet hub.
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    The only problem with this printer is that I don't think its a postscript printer.

    I have a Brother HL-1435 which is basically the same thing as the Brother HL-1440 that the link goes to. Some of the differences are that the 1435 has a black and silver case instead of a beige one. Also, the 1435 comes with 4MB of RAM (non upgradable), but if you're only doing normal printing then you have no need for more than 4MB of RAM.

    Yes, there are drivers for Windows 95-XP and Mac OS 8.6-OS X.3.

    You can buy an ethernet adapter for it. Its basically an adapter that plugs into the parallel port with an ethernet port on the end of it.

    Its an awesome printer with excellent print quality and fast. And the toner cartridges are cheap for it too. $50 to $60 at most stores.

    My only complaint is that when you first turn it on and everything is warming up it dims the lights and makes my BackUPS kick in to provide the power the computer needs. (A BackUPS provides the correct amount of continuous power to you computer)

    Here is the link to the Brother HL-1435 printer like I have:
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    I was implying that it be used in the USB port of the AE, not over ethernet.
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    Get a USB wireless dongle (for printers)?

    Just wondering if i can get a USB wireless (wifi) dongle and just do IP printing? Shouldn't that solve the problem?
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    That doesn't sound like it would work to me. First of all the printer wouldn't have drivers for the wireless card. I know that HP makes a wireless all in one printer. I have one it works good with my ibook. Their all in one software wants to start up on my machine automatically every time and it was a pain to get it to stop starting

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