Can I use an FP Apple Studio Display on a PC?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Danger! Will, May 15, 2003.

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    Danger! Will

    Is there a flat panel apple studio display that used standard VGA as the input? ie: like my pc to the apple studio display?
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    You can use an Apple LCD with any computer. You have to get an ADC to DVI adapter, Apple makes one, as well as D. Bott. They are about $100. Good luck.
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    Danger! Will

    I'm not following you on that....I've got a standard vga out on my pc and want to hook it up to an Apple Studio Display FP so what goes in the middle? ADC? DVI?
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    #4 addition to the ADC/DVI thing you need a VGA/DVI adapter. Sequence would be:

    VGA > adapter to DVI > adapter to ADC

    Your USB signal can plug into the ADC adapter as well, so you can use the USB hub in the display.

    Check the Dr. Bott website. I would recommend that you have a video card that supports DVI for the best possible signal. Apple displays are designed to have an all digital signal, they work and look best that way.
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    You'll need a a converter such as this to change the ADC signal into DVI, and then a simple DVI to analog converter (unless someone has made an ADC-VGA adapter I haven't seen).

    I wouldn't expect a perfect picture since you're converting the signal twice.
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    Nice...pricey, but nice!
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    well if i remember right the apple dvi/adc adapter and apples dvi/vga have male/female conflictions which wouldnt make it work that easily. you are probably gonna need a converbox which run about 300 dollars.

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    Apple FP displays are pretty pricey. In my opinion, they're worth it if you're buying it to compliment the rest of your system, becayse the whole apple package looks very nice together, but if you're getting it to use with a pc...there are numerous PC products that are far less expensive. (And you don't have to pay over $200 just to be able to use it with your computer.)

    Also, just out of curiosity...if you look at the Apple displays, they have system requirements. (for example, the one of them won't work with any computer not using jaguar or higher.) Are you sure you can use them with PC's?
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    for the pc they are very worth it. monitor is a monitor, regardless what system it is on. looks great on the mac, looks great on a pc. yes it will work because ive used my 20 inch cinema display on my pc and it was great. my games had no lag what so ever. the only problem i found was that windows xp didnt reconize apples goofy widescreen rez. and do you honestly feel apple would tell you this works on windows, come on :).

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    You CANNOT use an Apple monitor on any solely-VGA equipped PC. The differences between analog and digital (vga/dvi) prohibits any sort of cheap adapter. There may be something out there that does the transition, but I'm sure it's a load of money.

    You must have at lest DVI to run any Apple display. If you buy a video card with that then you need to purchace Apple's DVI-ADC adapter so that the monitor can be powered and carry USB.

    The solution for you is to just buy a decent video card with DVI output which now can cost you as little as $75

    <edit> The system requirements do not carry over to the PC side of the fence. I.e. The 20" required Jaguar, but it works just fine on a PC running windows. My recommendation is to buy a GeForce 4 Ti card that supports 1650X1280 so that you can get the native resolution of the LCD which makes for the best quality picture. Also, I have tested a 20" LCD on OS 9, and it worked just fine. Maybe it was because the machice also had Jaguar on it, but just didn't boot into it.</edit>

    <edit2>You CAN cheaply convert digital to analog, but not vice versa like you are asking to do with your PC.<edit2>
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    Danger! Will

    Lemme make this even harder than before. Is there a PCI Video Card with DVI out?
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    i dont want to sound mean but if your computer doesnt have agp its time for a serious upgrade.

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    Danger! Will

    It's a brand new Dell...I'm switching to Apple piece by piece lol
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    ok, if its a brand new dell then why would you want a pci video card.

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    So why not use an AGP card. The PCI cards on the market are not nearly as good as the best AGP cards.
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    Danger! Will

    Because the dell doesn't have an AGP slot...I'm not trying to complicate the process on purpose...and I did find a PCI card with Video out...ATI Radion 7500
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    a new dell with no agp, you got ripped off. how could you not have a computer with agp. oh well

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    Danger! Will

    actually i've read that there really isn't a performance difference between agp and least that's what techtv said
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    whoa, thats a good one. that was a good laugh, that is completly not true.

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    Danger! Will

    I don't see what difference it'll will make if I have pci or agp...i don't do any gaming so WHO CARES?
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    calm down biggin, if your not gamin then just get that radeon, should be fine.

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    make sure you got that don't need VIDEO out, you need DVI output for the Apple screens.

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    my pc is a 700 PIII and it does not have AGP either, you dont need to be mean to the guy. honestly. "your computer only has a 1ghz processor? man it is really time to upgrade"; how would you feel if a guy was like that to you regarding the mhz of apple's?
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    how can the latest from apple cost 3000+ and only be a dual 1.42? :D its best not to open your mouth when in the river of apple zealotland

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