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Can I use iPad 2 wall charger (10W) to charge my iPhone 4?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MrMister111, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Just got my iPad 2 :) I notice it comes with a 10W wall charger (I understand its more power hungry to charge)

    So I have an iPhone 4 as well, to cut down on clutter, is it safe to charge my iPhone 4 using this 10W iPad 2 wall charger?

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    Yeah, I do this all the time.

    It charges faster too.
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    Yes. The Apple web site lists the 10W charges as being compatible with the ip4.
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    Are you sure its ok then if it charges faster? does this not mean its too much power for iPhone 4?
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    I use it and my iP4 charges to 125%!
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    what about the reverse? ip4 charger for the ipad?
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    Yes it works just fine
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    Doing exactly that right now.
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    Yep, but it will take longer to fully charge the iPad with the iPhone charger.
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    Under heavy load it may not charge the battery at all, but it should at least stop the battery form draining.
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    The average charge time for my ipad(10W) is about 4hrs. Using the ip4 charger will take considerably more time.
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    I wasnt bothered about the reverse (iP4 >iPad), I will just plug my iPad charger in and use that only, oh will it also charge the iPod touch 4G, the ipad charger I mean?

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    iPad 10w Charger = SAFE FOR ALL iDEVICES
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    No current Apple charger that you can plug a device into will damage the device or the charger. This goes for the USB and Magsafe connectors. The worst that will happen is the device will not charge as fast as it could.
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    Is there a chance that Apple moves to 10W chargers for all their iOS devices? It still pisses me off when I pull that old FireWire charger out of the desk, or when I plug my 3GS into a dock & I get the "not compatible" message, or when I plug my current charger into my iPad & it takes 3 days to get to 50%.

    If the 10W charger works with all their devices, and is practically required by the iPad, why not just make that the new standard?
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    On a separate note, when I plug my iPad into my MBP (pre-unibody version), it says "Not Charging." Are the USB ports on the MBP not powerful enough to both sync and charge?
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    Can you use 99 Octane in a Ford Pinto?

    Of course you can..
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    Even though it's saying 'Not Charging' it is in fact charging.. your USB ports on the MBP don't put out enough charging amps to trigger the charging icon, but the iPad is charging, though very slowly.. it's called a 'trickle charge'..

    you have to be very patient.. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with your iPad, or MBP..
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    It's physically larger and is overkill for the majority of iDevices sold. Unless Apple can produce a 10W charger that is the size of the 5W, I don't think they will replace the 5W.
    As for the older FireWire chargers; FW and USB use physically different connections within the dock connector. Because of this, supporting the legacy FW chargers required additional hardware within the iPhone. This was removed as a cost reduction after the original iPhone.

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