Can I use my OSX install disc from my MBP 17"?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Pipper99, Nov 5, 2010.

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    I have a Superdrive, and I was thinking of clean installing OSX from my 17" Core i5 MBPro discs when the MBA arrives. Is OSX on the MBP discs the same as on the MBA USB stick, or does the MBA stick have install files that are specific to the MB Air?

    The reason that I'm thinking of using the discs instead of the USB drive is that I've read that people are having a bit of a struggle getting the mini USB drive in and out of their MBA.
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    No, those discs are tied to that specific model.

    You will have to use the USB restore "disc" as the newest Mac OS X Snow Leopard disc is only 10.6.3 and that build does not support the new MacBook Air, as far as I am aware.
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    Pressure is right. The new MBA's use a special build of 10.6.4 so even if your 17" MBP disc would work (it won't) then it would be the wrong version/build of the OS.

    If/when 10.6.5 comes out (probably in the next few days) - you could reinstall from a retail 10.6.3 disk and then combo update to 10.6.5 on the MBA if you didn't want iLife (which will be installed if you re-install from the MBA USB Key).
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    You reinstall iLife from the USB key after installing OS X. It's a separate installation.
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    Thanks so much for the info!

    It was delivered 30 minutes ago: looking forward to getting off work to open it.
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    And you cannot install iLife '11 on other Macs using that USB stick as well. Oh trust me I've tried.. :p
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    Since you brought this concern up could you confirm whether or not you had issues with the MBA Stick fitting? Thanks.
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    any attempt to install any version of Mac OS X onto a new model Air from a dvd using and external drive produces a kernel panic and the black screen of death.

    The USB restore stick is exclusively tied to the model it came with.

    I suspect that the next refresh of the MB and MBPro line will be similarly accessorised.
    as you know Apple continues to minimalize packaging and weight, thus one small stick and a card to contain it fills that bill as far as space and weight go.
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    Oh. Interesting information.

    I wonder if that has something to do with the special build hooks in the 10.6.4 build, versus 10.6.3 retail DVDs or just a hardware thing that won't let you install form a DVD?

    Seems weird that Apple would try to prevent OSX installations via DVD-media on a hardware level.

    Hopefully after 10.6.5 or 10.6.6 there'll be an update to the retail DVDs in store, and we can test this a bit further.
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    I don't think that Apple is trying to prevent that, there are just necessary new features that have to be there for the computer to work properly.
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    yup, seems like the 10.6.4 bundled with the new airs is a custom build. I've tried booting my new air with every possible 10.6.4 installation: one cloned from my previous Air (even after I updated it with the new graphics patch), another .4 one coming from an iMac and a retail snow leopard dvd.
    After initial boot the screen glitches and then poofs in a nice kernel panic.
    The custom build for the new airs must have some additional drivers to control the screen.
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    Most new Macs ship with custom builds when they're first introduced.

    the new Airs have new tech in them, such as the SSD "card", the new keyboard (non backlit/different size on the 11"/eject button), etc... so all that new tech needs new software hooks to make them run properly.

    A 10.6.4 clone upgraded to 10.6.5 should solve those problems when 10.6.5 comes out.
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    I concur. There's no ulterior motive going on.
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    I will: I'm planning on trying it later tonight. I saw another thread where people were saying that the USB stick had some scratches on the stick after they removed it because they had to exert some force to get it out.
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    I ran the clean install last night, and it worked great. The mini USB was a bit snug, but I didn't have any problems getting it in or out of the slot, and the USB stick wasn't damaged or scratched as i've heard some say.
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    Thanks for this. This just shows that people blow things out of proportion on this forum. :)
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    Although I did put it in upside down first. :)

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