Can I watch an iTune Vidoe on My TV

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iriejedi, Mar 29, 2006.

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    Its a miracle!

    I love Sci-Fi but I do everything possible to be socially normal. My wife is an HGTV/Desperate Housewives gal... but she watched a few Battlestar Galatica episodes and now she is hooked and fiending for more since my season 2 DVDs end with Pegasas but in the time span of a sick day swears that there are 4 episodes that are a part of season two that are not on the DVD collection.

    So if I buy them on iTunes - can I watch them on my TV?

    I'm not going to sit and watch at my computer, nor my iPod frankly I think that is lame when I have a 65inch HDTV.

    Any advice or suggestions of being able to watch iTune videos on a big TV?

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you have an iPod Video? You can hook it up to the TV with this cable.

    It won't look good on that HDTV though. :(
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    Thank you for the information.

    Well at least that is an option.

    I'm convienced that season 2.5 DVDs will come out soon. She will have to wait. I liked the show alot but now that she is hooked it is all that much better a show. All these years together and finally she had joind 'The Dork Side":eek:

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    Another option would be using this cable or this cable to connect your mac to your TV.

    Unfortunately though, no matter how you do it, the quality will not be that great on a HDTV.
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    65 inch HDTV. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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    I use my iPod Video hooked to the TV, and although the pic is not as good as a DVD, it isn't bad. I can live with it on my 36" tube. Smaller TV would obviously look better.
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    Where does he say that he has an HDTV?? He just says he has a big tv and that his wife watches HGTV, not HD. I won't look great, but it will be good enough to enjoy the episode.
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    Yea I watch Battlestar along with a lot of other shows via my iPod on my TV all the time(I spend way to much money on iTunes). On non-HDTVs it looks just like it would if you were watching on SciFi and on my HDTV(32") it doesnt look as good but still pretty good and very watchable. And as we all know the larger the TV the worse it will look.
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    From Original Post...
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    Well.....(foot in mouth).........guess I read it too fast.:p

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