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Can Imac G4 800mhz 17 inch Run 1gb&256mb ram?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by angelxbites, Jun 9, 2011.

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    i was told itcant bkuz the limit is 1gb but 250mb isnt much more..and i dont want to dig into the "dome" because last time i did the computer wouldnt boot just beep 3 times and stay black then i fixed it..so can it? plz help:) thank you
    ps im going through all this trouble to install mac os x leopard
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    You won't find a 1Gb ram stick for that iMac. They never made them that big. The most you could do is 512Mb in both slots.
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    It won't. It's DDR2, iMac G4 800 uses PC100 or PC133 SDRAM.
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    That is the wrong kind for your iMac. You need PC-133.
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    okay Thankz ALOT ..one more thing please..http://www.amazon.com/Generic-512-M...8IKV/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1307653512&sr=8-4
    how about this one its cheaper..and my moms already not to happy bout wasting 25 on os x leopard then 20 more on mac shes a cheapstake i know ha:)
    or should i just stick with your link? thanks alot again this is my first mac so i guess yea im a noob to macs:)
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    Your link is the inside ram stick and mine is the outside ram stick. You can get either of them or both for the maximum of 1Gb.
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    ok thankz alot im going to buy the one you suggested..in your opinion would my mac run not superfast but acceptable with 768 Ram? on leopard
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    It should run pretty well for a 8 year old computer.
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    Didn't believe me over in the other forum eh?

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