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Can iPod Stay on Top???

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Grimace, May 5, 2004.

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    Interesting article. Although alot of fluff in my opinion. Yes Apple has to be worried, but really how much. The regular iPod has been out for a while now, and no one has even come close to matching it. The iPod Mini is entirely in a league of its own. The compition has had plenty of time to comes up with an answer to the iPod, and has not yet, not saying that they can't/won't though. I think it will be tough to topple the iPod/iTunes empire.

    Also lets look at the other markets Microsoft has tried to Jump into.
    xBox: has it taken away a significant part of the console Market?
    Media Center PC's: Taken away anything from PVR's?
    MSN internet/Messenger: Taken any market share away from AOL?
    ( I don't if these have been "succesfull" or not, but it doesn't seem to have affected the compitions share of the market noticably IMO)

    I mean just cause M$ has the dollars, it doesn't mean success.
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    Actually, they have made a huge impact in the console market... and Nintendo is feeling it in every market other then Asia (gee, wonder why ;) )
    Success, no- but then they didn't really count on success...they intended to throw away and lose a billion dollars....and in that way- I suppose they are doing what they intended.

    MS makes an obsene amount of money each year- and because of that, can afford to blow it in other markets (not to mention, they can write it as a loss and come out even for tax reasons anyway). When you can afford to waste more money then your competitor brings in total... I suppose you're bound to make an impact.
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    i think as long as apple keeps innovating and adding features that make it a better player; not necesarily photo or video capability, but better audio, etc
    then the ipod will be the mp3 player of choice

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