Can MacMini be used without a monitor...?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by d.f, May 15, 2005.

  1. d.f
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    I'm looking for a cheap wireless enabled mac to use as a home server. the cheapest and easiest way seemt to buy a bottom of the rage MacMini and use wihtout a screen atached....

    would there be any problems with this idea...?

    One more question:

    If i have a 250gig firewire drive connected to the mac mini. Can i send a large file over to the mini (from my other computer) through Airport on into the firewire drive...?
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    You'll need a monitor at first to set it up, things like registration with Apple, installing of some basic software, etc. But after that if you use Apple Remote Desktop or VNC, you shouldn't ever have the need to use a monitor again. (unless your reinstalling/upgrading your OS)

    The Mac Mini isn't exactly idea for a server, only 10/100 ethernet, slow 4200 or 5400 RPM drive - only 40 or 80 GB (of course you could use an external HD, but that just adds more cost), no real backup solution. This is a case where I would highly reccomend a PC over a Mac, espically if you build it yourslef. It would be much more cost efficient, and after all, if it's just used as a headless server, it really doesn't matter what OS it's running.
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    Yes, no problem. We use a 1.25 Mini as a Filemaker database server, it's a champ. The only time it's been down was when I mistook the power connection for a USB connection and unplugged it. D'oh!

    Bad ergonomic design, Apple. They look too similar, esp. when stretching up and around to reach it on a shelf...
  4. d.f
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    thankyou for your help.

    I was planning on getting an external firewire drive anyway. So the small HD inside isn't a problem.
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    Since the OP is talking about wireless networking, the lack of GB Ethernet isn't an issue. With low traffic, the 5400 RPM drive is quite adequate: the issue is only space.

    The build it yourself Win server will cost more by the time a Win XP Pro license is factored in, and will be much more headache to set up and maintain. A linux server requries linux skills. In either case, the support for AFP would be weaker.
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    Unless I'm mistaken the mini only has 4200 rpm drives...
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    Why not get one of these. I've always heard good things about Lacie and it's a fraction of the cost.
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    redeye be

    Some people who ordered a mini with the smaller drive got a 5400 rpm drive.
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    redeye be

    If you only need it for storage, this is an interesting option indeed.
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    You're mistaken ;) I too thought this was true of my mini only to find out I got a 5400.
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    How do you find out and also, wouldn't you think that apple would advertise that it has a 5400rpm drive? On the powerbooks part of the online store it specifically says 5400rpm hd...
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    could be that apple is using a mix of different speed drives? hence why they are not stating the speed outright, that way no one can be pissed off at them
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    Chip NoVaMac

    LOL, reminds me of a company that I worked for that for some strange reason had their HP mini-mainframe wired to a wall switch. :confused: :eek:
  14. 7on
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    running Tiger off of a B&W that I got for $200. Also runs like a champ
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    I agree.

    I bought a mini to be used as a server. I had a Linux box with 160G drives. I yanked those out and put them into Firewire enclosures. I plan on hooking the mini to my HD TV. Kinda like a media server.
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    For a network storage device, you can find dedicated network drives from No monitor or Windows OS necessary. Less expensive than a Mini. 802.11g could be done with a wireless hub that supports at least one ethernet connection.
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    I googled my drive model number (ST940110A) and others have confirmed its an OEM version of
    this drive

    Guess I just got lucky. Don't really care that Apple doesn't market it well...

    Either way its still a bottleneck of the system.
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    Yes, A program called ... Sharepoints or something like that can publish the firewire drive so it can be seen by others.

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