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Can multiple Apple TVs share rented content?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pjo63, Sep 30, 2010.

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    If anybody has multiple new Apple TVs setup in their home using the same iTunes account, can you rent a TV show or Movie on one ATV and watch it on both ATVs during the 48-hour window?

    I noticed a Settings option named "Check for Rentals" and thought maybe this is how to get the rented content to show up on all your ATVs.

    Maybe someone with multiple new ATVs can test this?
    Does each ATV maintain its own unique resume location for the same show is another thing to check out.
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    Rentals are a one time watch for 24 hours; so I would presume your answer would be no. I would also guess that the rentals are tied to a device ID as well. However; I could be wrong.
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    I think TV shows are 48 hours and you can watch it as many times as you like during that window -- Movies may be only 24 hours still.
  4. KDR
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    Great question and if we don't get an answer I will let you know once I get mine set up tonight.

    Regardless of the 24 v 48-hour thing, the question is can you watch a movie or show that was rented on one Apple TV on a second Apple TV that shares the iTunes account as long as you are within the applicable rental window. I can see this being handy for starting a movie in the family room and finishing it in the playroom or bedroom.
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    My thinking was that this feature could make the ATV akin to a Whole Home DVR ... if only the window was more like a week it would be perfect.

    Your scenario begs the question, would each ATV maintain its own resume location for each show or sync the location between all ATVs.

    I think that both ATVs would have to be the new version though.
  6. KDR
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    I couldn't agree more, especially since most movies put me to sleep!
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    My question is if I have 1 ATV and becuase it is so small can I use it on two tv's. I mean we do most of our TV watching in a large rec room during the winter but sometimes in the family room on other side ofthe house. Is it going to be relatively easy to unplug it from one and connect to the other tv without a big set up process?

    I understand if I am hooking up to sound system it will be more than just the HDMI cable.

    and again as OP will the moviebe able to be watched again or at stop point?
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    Mr Kram

    should be plug and play. just make sure you have an ethernet connection or that you wireless reaches to the other side of the house. if you want to use a stereo for audio, you would use the optical jack.
  9. KDR
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    Just hooked my 3 ATVs and yes, you can watch rented content on multiple ATVs on the same network. I rented Glee for my kids in the playroom, paused it, went into the family room and hit check for rentals on that ATV. It found the show and even asked if I wanted to resume where I left off or start from the beginning. Pretty cool.
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    Sounds like Apple nailed it. That is the perfect implementation.

    Thanks for checking that out for us.
  12. KDR
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    One thing I discovered this morning is that rented content can only be played on one ATV at a time. If you want to watch it on another ATV you have to stop it on the one you are currently watching it on. As I mentioned earlier, there is an option to pick up from the same spot on the second ATV. This worked on our third ATV as well, so there doesn't appear to be a limit on the number of ATVs, just no watching simultaneously.
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    I was afraid of that, that is a shame.

    Will just have to work around that limitation then.

    If you restart the show playing from the beginning on ATV#2 does that also reset the resume point on ATV#1?
  14. KDR
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    I didn't try that but I expect that to be the case. When I tried to watch on the 2nd TV while the 1st was playing, I got a message that another device is currently authorized to play the show. I get the sense that once a device is playing a program, it set's the resume point when another device is going to be used.

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