Can the OLD AppleTV do this?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by cube, Sep 2, 2010.

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    - Do not connect TV
    - Sync all your iTunes music to the Apple TV
    - Use now the AppleTV as a jukebox, controlling it with an iPod Touch

    This would be to replace an Airport Express
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    Yes it can do this. I've been thinking about doing this to my old ATV for some time now.
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    As my post said, Yes you can do this.
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    Yes, I ordered. Over 33% off, haha.
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    Yes. I plan to do this once I get the new tv.
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    Ok. This is freaking awesome. May have to order one of those clearance original appletvs.
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    But you can't on the new, since the lacks of storage. Or can you?
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    The way I'm reading it, as long as the content is on a switched on device on your network you should be able to airplay it your appletv.
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    That's correct. ipedro will not be able to use the new AppleTV like the original poster stated. It's strictly streaming, whether from the cloud or a local computer.
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    Alternatively, you can buy a new Apple TV and, using Airplay, stream music from your iPod Touch. Same result, different process. The decision, I suspect, will depend mostly on whether you have all your music on your Touch, or if you need the bigger capacity of the old ATV.
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    The iPod touch is too big, the iPhone is too expensive.

    I guess I'll be getting an iPad 3G.
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    Streaming is of lower quality than content stored in the ATV.
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    I bet he meant he plans to do it with his old one once he gets the new one. That's what I may do.
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    Is it? I thought AirTunes streamed using apples lossless format...
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    Yes, but dropouts can happen, even if very rare.

    Changing the stream also forces you to wait a couple of seconds.
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    I just realized you need to leave your network switched on. This sucks.
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    You switch your network off?
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    ^^^ ha my thoughts exactly!!!

    the benefits of the 'old' apple tv is that you can store content locally, therefore if you have your music on a laptop for example you can still access it even when itunes is not open.

    although I think what will be a bigger game changer is the fact that apple is opening up airplay to 3rd parties so we should see some pretty neat examples of streaming.

    At home I run an AE express on a G network and A TV on my N network and never see any dropouts, although there is a delay as it buffers but this I feel is inevitable for the most part, although may improve with the new software
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    I can make a "shadowing" mini-network with the redundant Airport Express, but it's bad that it doesn't have a power switch, so that one must kludge it up.
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    OK, I think if I put the Express in WDS mode, it can always act as a DHCP server to its clients, even when the whole network with its main DHCP server is on, so that it never needs to be switched off.
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    I realize my comment could be confused. I meant, I will do this with my old AppleTV when I get the new one.

    I think I'm going to go a little more ambitious though. I have an old 17" flat screen laying around that I never use. I'm going to frame it like a picture with a nice wide and deep wooden frame. Behind the TV, I'll leave the AppleTV plugged in. I can then place it on the wall as a dedicated sound system that can play to all the airport express speakers I have in different rooms.

    I'll leave it playing a screensaver of my music collection album art when not in use.
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    Be careful of heat buildup. Your plans don't seem too safe for the amount of heat an ATV puts out. Enclosing it in a box will only cause you problems, especially adjacent to a heat-producing monitor. :(
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    I'm guessing the answer might be "we'll have to wait until its released" but is it possible/likely that I could store my media on an old/current appletv and stream it to a new appleTV? I like the small size/cost/low heat of the new one but don't want my laptop to need to be on every time I want to watch something.

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