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Can underagers drink O'Douls?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hummer, Mar 15, 2007.

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    I was just wondering, since it's non alcoholic can underagers drink O'Douls.

    I bring up this question, because in order to view odouls.com you have to be 21 or older.
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    I've known underaged folks who tried to buy it or order it-- no such luck. :p
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    It depends on the state (and in some instances on the locality within the state). Many states have zero-tolerance DUI laws for minors these days, so they often won't sell non-alcoholic beer (which in reality has about 0.5% alcohol).
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    Wont sell it to me. :eek:

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    I would think you can buy it, but why would you want to - nasty stuff.
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    As was stated above there is a very tiny amount of alcohol in it and in the process used to create it.
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    Actually, there's a lot of it in the process used to create it. It's made just like regular beer, but they remove the alcohol at the end through evaporation.

    And, to expand on what I mentioned above, there are many states where it is perfectly legal for those under 21 to purchase "non-alcoholic" beer. Federal law classifies beverages under 0.5% alcohol as non-alcoholic. Many states pose no restrictions on the purchase of these beverages. But some do, as do some counties or cities within states that would otherwise legally allow it. And it also up to the individual retailer whether they will sell it to underage people.

    And remember that zero-tolerance DUI laws mean that in many jurisdictions, an underage person who has a single O'Doul's and then gets pulled over by the cops could easily have a very low but measurable BAC that could get them arrested.
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    Haha in 7th grade me and my friends went to the store and tried to buy some, but just as the cool dude working there (he was just a high-schooler) was about to let us buy it, the manager noticed and wouldn't let us buy it. But then we went back to my other friends house and had some anyway :D Good times.
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    Wow. You make our drinking hard cider behind the toilets after school (25 years ago) seem tame in comparison.
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    why drink odouls underage when you could have someone buy you jager?
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    Back in my day, we'd just shoulder-tap. Didn't always get your choice of booze, but at least it would get you drunk.

    Hell, IMO you're better off just waiting 'till you turn 21 than to drink non-alchoholic beers.
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    I noticed that little add of [O'Douls]... but it was actually MGD. Hard cider... lol ;) (im not mocking you, I just dont like that stuff)
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    I brewed my own beer when I was a kid.

    My dad knew but turned a blind eye, cos he did the same when he was a kid, and also I think he thought I was learning useful stuff in the process.

    I didn't actually like the end-product very much, but my friends liked it, and my dad 'found' a bottle and said it was quite nice too.

    EDIT: come to think of it, he actually 'found' quite a few bottles - my stash shrank quite dramatically over time :) I think he drank more of it than I did :rolleyes:

    I have a baby daughter now, maybe I should start leaving rubber pipes and 15 galleon tubs around her playpen and hope nature takes its course...
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    Haha, hard cider's the best! We once crawled under some tables at the lunchroom and downed a few bottles.

    Those were the good days (aka, 9 years ago)
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    You can buy orange extract which is 80% alcohol, interestingly.
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    That's like 160 proof.
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    It gives you none of the alcohol you want from beer, but it'll still make you fat.

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    I had a cool science teacher who would happily advise us on the best ways to extract and distill alcohol from cheap drinks.

    We were about 13-14 at the time, and this was Cornwall, one of the most backwards countryside areas of the UK :)

    I think his easiest suggestion (he had many) was to buy cheap cooking wine (hence safe for human consumption), freeze it in open trays in the freezer, and remove the frozen water, leaving the alcohol behind.

    Come to think of it, the alcohol would probably evaporate from the open trays, leaving behind non-alcoholic gunk. Better would be to use part-filled sealed plastic boxes. I'm sure he left out that detail for us to work out ourselves :)
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    In my dorm cafeteria the laid out tubs of Odouls for alcohol awareness week. It was more like, "Hey kids, wanna know what beer tastes like". Of course it was donated by the brewery. I guess in a very religious community it is possible that an 18 year old had never had a beer, but that certainly wasn't me. That stuff is pisswater anyway, I happily declined the offer.
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    I think O'Douls. is "reduced alcohol" it is not truly 0.0% But you'd have to drink a case of the stuff to have any noticeable effect.

    But then they sell mouth wash to kids and some of it contains alcohol but maybe they figure you'd be more likely to actually drink a case of O'Douls than drink 24 bottle of mouth wash. No one claims laws are reasonable.
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    You can also just go to your local Walgreens (or pretty much anywhere for that matter) and buy some rubbing alcohol which is 70%.:rolleyes:
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    Or cooking sherry or listerene or any number of other alcohol-containing products.
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    I worked at a drug store in high school, and for a while we sold generic mouthwash for $1.99 a quart. All the homeless guys would come in and buy a few bottles and drink them behind the store. I know because I had to clean out almost 100 of them from behind the dumpster. Sad bastards. One more reason to not pitty them.
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    Theres a reason why plenty of states check your idea for cough syrup .... because in my day we used to mis-use that kind of stuff for a cheap buzz.
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    Having to be 21 to drink is harsh..

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