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Can we offer our cases for sale in these forums?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jeremy3721, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Just have a couple iPad cases I want to get rid of.
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    sounds like a good idea.
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    Sorry you can't. There is a marketplace for that, but its only for members 250 posts and above I believe.
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    Wow, that's a little on the strict side :) 50 posts sounds more reasonable. I don't have a lot to say usually. I'll be able to sell my cases by the time the 4th generation ipad comes out :D
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    No, it's a good system and it works well. It means members have something to lose if they make a dodgy deal and are usually known on the forum. :)
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    I would think you could turn them over quickly on eBay.
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    Try to sell it on craigslist. I've been selling a lot of things on their recently and it's great. Plus it's cash with no fees!
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    Thats a lot of posts. I dont post much either.
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    People want to make sure that you're trust worthy and known. You also need to be here for 6 months.
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    I use craigslist to sell my apple case and speck candy shell works great and minimize scams , amazon and eBay are feeeee whhhores
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    Craigslist is free, but in my experience, its more of a headache that Amazon because you get a lot of lowballers or people that want to trade stuff you don't want. Amazon marketplace charges fees, but at least its more straighforward.
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    Yep agreed. Also agree with the mod - you got to work for it ;)

    I actually feel comfortable buying and selling on these forums because i have seen some of these guys around the forums. 250 posts is a good amount, and prevents newbs from coming in, posting some garbage posts to reach 50 and then scamming us on the marketplace (if that is their intention). Besides 250 comes fast when you just start adding to the conversation.
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    I hate craigs list, but i did get a good deal on a macbook once. dont like dealing with strangers especially in new york city if ya know what I mean.

    I would certainly prefer dealing with people here and did not know about this marketplace area for members. will check it out though!

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