Can we put a DVD into a computer and sync it onto your ipod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by panpangege, Oct 28, 2009.

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    I know nothing about Technology. But if you can buy movies off the internet and put them in your ipod, and you can put CD's in your computer to put it into you ipod than cant you do the same thing with movies? it makes sense, but idk. a lil help?
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    You need an application such as toast to burn the dvd on to your hard drive and then need an application such as isquint to convert it to an ipod format!
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    Toast doesn't decrypt commercial DVDs, and iSquint was EOLed quite a while back.

    Handbrake is the best all-in-one solution for ripping DVD movies to iPod-compatible format. It's pretty n00b-proof.

    If you need a dedicated DVD "ripper" (decrypter) I recommend RipIt. The files it produces from your DVDs can be fed right into Handbrake. RipIt's not free but I've lost all faith in MacTheRipper.

    All of this info is available from a thousand other posts here BTW. Google is your friend.
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    I do this alll the time, and here is the best way. Download HandBrake and VLC, and make sure vlc is in your application folder. Insert ANY dvd and open handbrake. A choose source menu will pop up, and select the dvd (not the folders inside it). On the right choose your format, I use universal, or iPod will make a smaller video. Click start, and sit back and wait. ;)
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    I've been using Handbrake for this. Usually works great with no problems. Takes a long time on my iMac though (avg 3 hours per 1.5 hour movie).
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    Handbrake is pretty good, and free. But I checked out Handbrake site and from the screenshots it looks like you can only upload one file at a time which is what I do not want and I don't see a "merge" button and it isn't working on my macbook pro, Now I use a third party program called iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac. it works pretty well. If you are interested in it, You can download a free Demo version at
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    what do you mean by one file? If you select the DVD as a source, it rips the whole ting.
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    iSkysoft gives a wide range of different formats like mp4, avi, 3gp, flv etc
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    To the OP:

    It's not simple as it should be and it's squarely the fault of "Hollywood" and it's overwhelming fear of pirating.

    You should certainly be able to rip a DVD as easily as you can a CD, but that functionality is banned in the usual Apple software offerings. It's so bad that it affects ripping DVDs that you have burned yourself with iDVD!

    It is stupid and hopefully, the 'establishment' will come around and make it easier in the future to do this. The interim solution has been to include a digital version with each DVD/BluRay purchase recently.

    DRM has died on the music can hope the movie side of the equation will eventually be freed of this annoyance. :mad:
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    I expect the video/music DRM to get far worse in the future. Just wait till they pass the ACTA.
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    Here you go

    Buy AnyDVD - Which unlocks the DVD
    Buy CloneDVD mobile - Which has an option to output to an iPod/iPhone file

    Add it to your iTunes library and sync it to your device.

    The purchase comes with free upgrands for life.
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    They both cost actual money? Shareware programs are available
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    You originally suggested toast which also costs money. :confused:
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    Shareware is not free. You are thinking of freeware. Any program that is good enough for you to use frequently enough should be something you are willing to pay for...or at least make a "donation" to the developer.

    I use Handbrake and MacTheRipper. Though, it's an older version of MacTheRipper. I was not aware that there have been problems recently. Handbrake is great, though.
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    Handbrake if you want to rip from one dvd at time without coping it via another program to the hard drive.

    There are plenty of work flows that have been suggested in numerous threads on this forum let alone the net.

    They are a couple of programs one can use to rip dvd's. You just need to try them out and figure which one(s) work best for you.
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    You need another program to do that... fla--->to what ever converter.
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    I've tried Handbrake. It seems to work fine, even pretends to add chapter markers. Except iTunes refuses to sync the resulting mv4 file to iPod "because it can't be played." After feeding the file through iTunes' conversion for iPod mechanism again (another few hours later) I ended up with a file that can actually play on iPod but the chapters are gone - just one long file.

    Handbrake users: Any idea how to streamline the process and possibly even keep the promised chapter markers? Am I doing something wrong in Handbrake's settings so the file is not immediately readable?

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    Which iPod are you using? It might not support the specific chapter features? Also, what encoding are you using in Hanbrake?

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