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Can you gift me one song?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by viperguy, Nov 3, 2005.

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    iTunes won't stop asking me for a credit card on my account, which I don't have. If someone gifts me only one single song, people say that iTunes will stop asking for it and I will be able to dl the free stuff from there.
    So, any santa claws here? :)
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    You mean like her?

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    Nah, you got what I meant :p
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    these people, are they friends? Ask one of them, then the next time you see him/her give 'em a buck (and a thank you)
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    Just have someone gift you the free single of the week (you have to go through the album page). I can't because you need a credit card to send gifts (even free ones).
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    Priceless. wear's that spel chequer?

    Maybe she's who your looking for:
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    Err... So anyone willing to help?
    Got no friends with iTunes and I don't have CC.
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    Well then I guess you shouldn't use iTMS.
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    Argh I give up.
    Only get helpless answers.
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    Well... I don't know what you expected.
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    Do what my son did, go to Target and buy an iTunes card instead of a CD next time. Now he can download all the free stuff as well as his $15 credit on the card.
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    That's the best option, even if you have a credit card, I think. I just use that and can get another whenever I need one. I don't have to worry about checking a credit card bill for iTMS purchases too. Also, I usually buy one song every two weeks, so I'd have a lot of $.99 charge :D

    Anyhow, as long as you have some method of payment, it lets you buy
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    I connected my PayPal account to iTMS so I could get the free stuff/easily buy songs. Do you happen to have a PayPal account?
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    That will work? My (older) brother has been intersted in using the iTMS, but he is completely paranoid about using a credit card online. In the past I told him he was screwed if he wasn't willing to enter his credit card info...
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    I'll gift you a song, PM me about it and we'll figure out what one you want/how to do it...I've never done it before but I'm up for it.

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