Can you recommend an iPod alternative?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DoNoHarm, Nov 8, 2008.

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    Guys, I've switched to mac recently and I need a voice recorder/mp3 player. I'd be down to get an iPod, but they don't record! And who wants to lug around, and pay for, a giant extension to my ipod that already costs double what the others cost?

    After looking at various review sites, I'm leaning towards the sansa clip, zen stone, or zen.

    have any of you used these with your Macs? Have you tried out the voice recording features?
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    you could get an iPhone which is an iPod, internet device, Phone and portable gaming device and then get a voice recorder app.
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    Actually the new iPods (or at least the Nano) are capable or recording, you just need a headset which has 4 prongs on it, not the regular 3 as that won't support the microphone. The new iPod earphones which have yet to come out support this and I'm sure there are plenty of 3rd party ones.
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    yeah I looked into that and while the app seems pretty cheap, this calculation of the true cost of the iphone is kinda scary:
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    I can't seem to find any, does anyone know a good one?
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    Ivan P

    I believe it's actually 2 on standard headphones, 3 on the ones with a mic. In fact, I have three sets of standard iPod earbuds on the desk right next to me, and they all only have 2.
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    Well, I ended up getting a 4GB sansa Clip with built in voice recording for $40. I then took all the money I saved by not getting an Ipod and used it to buy some klipsch headphones.
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    its still cheaper than the other 3G phones listed.

    i was going to recommend that same one but i forgot the name of it.
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    Apple Universe is Kept closed

    There's a lot of noise out there that Apple keeps it's ipod/itunes universe closed on purpose. I didn't know that this is actually a result of the major record labels wanting to prevent itunes from growing:

    That's really annoying. I hope that in the future, they hammer out these issues and apple comes out with a decent voice recording function. I'll then gladly swap out my $40 sansa clip and get an ipod. If it's anything like my Mac, I'll be glad I spent the extra cash....
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    creative zen

    i believe that the non in-ear headphones included with the iphone, which have a mic built in, will work with the ipod nano and touch for recording. i don't see why they wouldn't.

    also, i have a friend who has a creative zen. he really likes it, even over an ipod. it doesn't sync with itunes, but if you don't mind that i would recommend the zen.

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