Can you see the Apple TV QTVR?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by nagromme, Mar 14, 2007.

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    I can see other QTVRs like the Nano, but Apple TV won't load for me (Tiger/Safari).

    Just curious. Maybe isn't Mac-compatible :)
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    Works for me. 10.4.8 (yeah, yeah, I'll get to it), but otherwise latest Safari and QT.

    Clearly means you need a new Mac.
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    Agreed. There's no other choice :D

    This 24" iMac has served me well, but sometimes you just gotta have a quad core.

    Weird--I'm running the same software versions as you. I blame my ISP.
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    Might've also been bandwidth issues. Or else try resetting Safari and then going to the page.

    But I think you should get a Mac Pro and an ACD 30" just to be safe. A couple of TB of storage space wouldn't hurt either. A new iPod just to be safe.
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    Can Apple TV play QTVR?

    My question is different: Can Apple TV display QTVR? The ad says: "If it's on iTunes it's on your widescreen TV" I can certainly download and view QTVRs from the iTunes store and they play in iTunes.

    Here is an example:

    Do those play on an Apple TV?
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    Cool, I didn't know podcasts could be QTVR! I guess anything QuickTime can do (even Flash?) a podcast can do.

    Those QTVR podcasts will NOT play in my iTunes--but I think it's a fullscreen conflist with JewelCase. I should just uninstall that--it's intrusive unlike normal visualizers. Or, maybe I just need iTunes 7.1.1--I haven't updated yet.

    And no, I'm sure AppleTV can't do interactive media like that. Also no iPod games--even though they too are "on iTunes."

    (PS, the AppleTV QTVR WILL now play on my 10.4.8 Intel iMac! After a blue Q logo shows for an unusually long time. Maybe I just needed to wait longer than I'm used to with QTVRs.)
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    Just this week I found out iTunes can even download books in PDF format. They show up with a little book icon, and when you click them, it hands it off to Adobe (or whatever). Kind of cool. I had no idea you could podcast BOOKS :D
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    Apple uses that PDF support for digital "liner notes" too--like for the U2 set. I'd like to see that practice grow to all iTunes music purchases.

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