can you watch dvd's on your tv using ATV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by dmb499, Jan 20, 2008.

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    if i wanted to watch a dvd using my computer as a dvd player for my tv, will ATV be able to play the movie on my tv?
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    Cave Man

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    can you suggest a way to do this?
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    Well, if you rip the DVD to your computer and put it in your iTunes library, your Apple TV will be able to see it and play it. It takes a while, though, at least approximately real time (a 2-hour movie will take about 2 hours to rip and encode).
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    Cave Man

    Not from a physical DVD. You can use Handbrake to transcode your DVD to MP4 (use the Apple TV preset in Handbrake), drop into iTunes, then it will sync/stream to your ATV. Video is very high quality, but the best audio you can get is Dolby Pro Logic II (5-channel surround).
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    ok, thanks for your help guys! is there some type of cord i can use instead of spending $229 on an ATV just to play things on my tv from my macbook? i know there is, but i'm just not sure what i need. any help would be appreciated.
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    a dvi- to hdmi cable, and a mini dvi to dvi adapter, or a mini dvi to vga adapter, and a vga cable. Vga cable will be cheapest and look really good. I hook my macbook up and use the apple remote. It is then basically an apple tv, and then you can also use a wireless keyboard and mouse and sit on your couch and use your computer.
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    What would be awesome is if Apple released a DVD player for the :apple:TV that used the same Remote Disc technology as the MacBook Air.
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    Cave Man

    What video inputs does your TV have?
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    s-video, hdmi
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    Cave Man

    Best option is what jarenado suggested - mini-DVI to DVI, then DVI to HDMI. Apple sells the first, others sell the second.

    Alternatively, I think Apple still sells a min-DVI to S-video/composite video adapter for the MacBooks.

    You'll also need an audio cable. Minimally, a 1/8" to RCA stereo or a Toslink optical cable with a mini-plug adapter. Your receiver would need an optical input.
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    thanks for your help, i appreciate it!
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    What would be really cool, and I can actually see this happening when Apple officially adopts Blu-Ray:

    A MacBook Air style USB Blu-Ray player that connects to the AppleTV. Crossing my fingers for this!
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    Looks like it might do it sooner than you think.... 10.5.2 - at least on the Mac end, most likely not on AppleTV:


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    ^ I wouldn't have a problem with that!

    I do have a relatively large collection of DVDs and I plan on picking up a Blu-Ray player at some point. Being able to insert a disk in my Mac and then watching it on an :apple:TV elsewhere in the house would be awesome!
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    I was wondering if AppleTV does now play .TS files. I
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    how about .TS

    I was wondering if AppleTV does now play .TS files. Frontrow can, since Leopard
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    Cave Man

    No, it cannot. The ATV has no DVD drive, nor can it play content directly from remote volumes. It can only play movies encoded in its specifications (see Apple's web page) that are dropped into iTunes.

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