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Canada tokes at 4 times world average

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by obeygiant, Jul 21, 2007.

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    Jeez Canada, I had no idea.
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    Yeaaah. Represent.
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    You really had no idea?
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    ha, well I might have had an inkling, but 4 times the world average is impressive. :)
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    Oh Canada :D
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    Finally, something to be proud of ... :D

    So good to be Canadian these days ;)
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    Our stoned and wasted land
    True potheads, The Grateful Dead is the best band!
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    Why yes, indeed.
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    Wake me up when you have some actual news :p
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    Is that taking into account quality? canadian weed is allot better than the stuff we get here usually, I'd have to smoke a heck of allot more to get as stoned here as i would in canada.
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    Ugh. This is one of the only things I don't like about being Canadian.
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    What's Canada?
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    This is something to be proud of?
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    No. Certainly not to be condemned either.

    It's not that big a deal.
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    Whoa- you actually got the new version of our anthem. When I went to the Albuquerque NAC they had some 1850 version of it.
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    A country taking more drugs than any other, certainly sounds like a big deal.
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    Not than any other, only in the industrialized world. Canada is 5th in the world according to the article.

    I'm of the belief bad people will do bad things whether they are sober, drunk or stoned. In my experience the only crimes most marijuana users in this country are charged with are primarily related to possession/trafficking of small amounts with little to no relation with other more serious crimes. I feel that it doesn't have a very negative impact on Canadian society besides wasting funds on prosecuting pot smokers. I tried to find some stats on that but I'm really not sure where to look.

    Mind you this is coming from someone who no longer drinks, smokes or does drugs except on very rare occasions.

    ( I didn't get to sleep last night so I'm not sure how coherent this post is)
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    Ha...oh Canada!
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    For those about to toke, we salute you! :)

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    Blame the McKenzie Brothers :p
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    It's U.S.A.'s Hat .. :eek:
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    I was waiting for someone to pot .. er post... this. BUT it's really because of la belle province. Blame Quebec. Who knew? Does this absolve or add to the crime of Celine Dion :D
    Quebec smokes rest of Canada in pot use
    David Johnston, CanWest News Service
    Published:*Sunday, July 15, 2007
    MONTREAL -- Were it not for prodigious pot use in Quebec, Canada would not have placed first in a United Nations drug study of marijuana use in the industrialized world.
    In fact, were Quebec a sovereign nation, it would have finished first ahead of Canada, according to a breakdown of the data supplied by Canada for the UN study......

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    Actually, the U.S. is Canada's But seriously, it's only pot. It ain't crack. It ain't blow. It ain't Bush. ;)
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    Y'all need some Californian lovin'. :D Note, it's been years since I've gone near the stuff.

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