Canadian Authorities Permit Apple-Led Acquisition of Nortel Patents to Proceed

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    Reuters reports that Canadian authorities have declined to review the $4.5 billion purchase of Nortel's patent assets by an Apple-led consortium, determining that the transaction is not subject to certain regulations regarding foreign investments.
    Bankruptcy courts in Canada and the United States have already approved the transaction, which has been said to provide Apple with clear ownership of a number of patents related to LTE cellular technology.

    The purchase may not be entirely in the clear yet, however, as federal antitrust investigators have expressed concern over the possibility that Google may have faced an "unfair coalition" of companies in the bidding for the patents.

    Article Link: Canadian Authorities Permit Apple-Led Acquisition of Nortel Patents to Proceed
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    This is big, folks. It will lead to some interesting moves by The Consortium.
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    Apple has to buy patents because it can't innovate. :rolleyes:

    But I think Google will still manage to stay in business somehow.
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    Pay attention editors...

    The Canadian dollar is worth $1.05 to the US dollar. Not the other way around...
    Also Q, isn't Google buying patents too? I suspect all will live healthy lives.
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    Buying patents from whom?

    Seems there aren't many left to buy at the moment, especially after the Nortel sale. Google's competitors seem to own a lot of the critical ones.
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    Google and Apple are two of many bidding on buying up Nortel's patents. (EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft, RIM and Sony)

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