Canadian iTunes TV Coming This Week

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Arstechnica sources are pinpointing this week for the launch of television shows via iTunes in Canada.

    Ars notes that upon launch, the store will only contain a modest amount of content, including shows from CBC, CTV, and some US TV shows (excluding content from NBC, of course).

    Canada will make the third country with TV programming available via iTunes, in addition to the US and the UK.

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    Unfortunately, due to government restrictions there will only be one program...

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    I will probably drop a deuce in my bed when this happens.
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    whats this? something is actually happening in canada? wow. :)
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    GASP! URGH!....hands tense up.... pound desk with fist. loosing strengh... can't keep sitting up str8... falling onto floor hands grasping futily for something to hold on to. Light fading.... gone.

    I think I had a heart attack.

    Although not sure what is surprising me more.... the fact that canada is finally going to get tv shows.... or that this story is front page...
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    Don't worry we probably have to download jailBreak 1.12, downgrade the firmware and jailbreak the device before we are actually allowed to play tv shows on the :apple:TV though.

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    Pfft... don't get yer hopes up.

    I envision lots of Corner Gas and Da kink in My Hair.
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    Hurray, we get to download episodes of Little Mosque on the Prairie. Why is that show funny again?

    Come on, SCTV and Kids in the Hall episodes!! and some old school Degrassi would be nice too.
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    nice, i just moved near the canadian border. can i just go over and get a pobox, little bank account, and sign in canada sometimes?
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    Glad to hear it.

    I created an account on the US store years ago in order to take advantage of at least some of that stuff.
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    Awesome news! I just started putting the gears in motion to cancel my Rogers cable account.

    I got a new 42" Aquos and I'm waiting for MacWorld to get an AppleTV.... then bye bye Rogers cable! Hello AppleTV.

    Perfect timing!
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    It;'s about frakking time! I'm curious to see what all will be offered in terms of content...

    Don't forget "Little Mosque on the Prairie" as well! :rolleyes:

    :p :D
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    There is sooo much fantastic CBC content it could be better than what's offered in the US store in no time at all.

    Some of the funniest comedy bar none, comes from Canada and some of the best of the new "gritty," filmed in HD drama shows also.

    - Little Mosque on the Prairie
    - Kids in the Hall
    - SCTV
    - This Hour Has 22 Minutes
    - Just for Laughs
    - Intelligence (HD)
    - DaVinci's Inquest (HD)
    - The Nature of Things (HD)
    - Thousands of award winning CBC Documentaries

    Canadians are generally more law abiding than Americans also, so give them a legal download outlet and it might take off like a rocket.

    It would be nice to see Americans having to buy Canadian iTunes gift cards and create dummy Canadian accounts so that they can watch our stuff. :p

    Juicy irony there.
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    Eric Lewis

    wholly ****

    i just peed!

    first apple canada realist rumor

    hope it comes true!
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    Ah.... Take off, ya hoser.
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    Rogers are ****ing bastards and I will never support them.


    oh yeah and nice to see this coming too bad nbc shows are the only ones id want to buy. apple tv has done really well here in ontario at least. I remember them being constantly sold out.
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    Clive At Five

    To Canadians everywhere: You haven't been missing much.

    It's like alcohol to a teenager. You only want it because you can't have it. Then when you're of age, the thrill is gone.

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    oh goodness I am ecstatic. I hope Nature of Things is up there, what a fantastic program.

    and old degrassi.
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    this is such great news for canadians. i honestly never thought this day would come.

    did someone murder the CRTC? how did this happen?
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    What the hell is that crap show anyways...Da Kink I mean... it came out of no where and it's not anything close to funny
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    Just the fact that canada is even mentioned with anything Apple related is refreshing...

    We got no Apple Store where I live, we got no iPhone, no cool crap on itunes..

    and we're so close to where all this stuff comes least where I live it is....

    god i want a normal, non hacked iPhone so bad......sigh...
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    You're getting an Apple Store at the Pacific Centre so hang tight.
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    I would definitely start grabbing some shows if this were the case. They should add hockey games too...that would help with the Canadian Content restrictions...haha
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    As for TV shows through iTunes, I'm happy that we can finally do it, but I really want HD quality (not near HD quality) and I'd also like the :apple:TV to come with a DVR option. If that happens then I'll be running to the store to get one. Hopefully there'll be an update for the :apple:tv in January <crosses fingers>

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