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Cannot login to updated Facebook iPhone App 5.1

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by TJyankee21, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I updated to the latest Facebook iPhone app today and I cannot login. It says Login Error. An error occurred. Please try logging in again. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Turned my phone off and on. No luck. I can login fine on my laptop and from the mobile browser version on my phone. Any ideas?
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    Hm, I didn't experience this problem. Are you also logged in globally in Settings? Did you try to log out of or delete the account from there?

    When I updated, there wasn't anything I had to do; I was able to keep on using the app without taking any action related to logging in/out.
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    same problem here.
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    I can't either
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    When I updated, my news feed was blank and it told me to add friends. I logged out and could not log back in. I am able to log in in iPhone settings but not the app.
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    Same problem here! Blank news feed, logged out, and can't log back in :( I guess Facebook in safari for now.
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    Me too. Same issue of adding friends then logging out and being unable to log back in. I get the following error

    I have tried deleting the app, and the account in general settings. No joy with either.
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    Broken for me too.
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    I guess it was too hard for Facebook to release an update than even works. What a disaster, :(
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    same problem for me, borked.

    Filed a report through Facebook's mobile assistance site. Lets see how long till its pulled or fixed.
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    excellent job FB. probably did it to limit election related posts tomorrow.
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    Same problem here on iPad -- iPhone worked with the update.
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    Same problem :-(
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    It seems to be a widespread problem. Twitter is full of similar complaints.... Hopefully it is a FB side issue they can sort without the need for a new app update.
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    broken for me too. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, but no difference.
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    Wasn't working on my iPad or iPhone. Now just working on my iPhone but not on iPad yet. Strange this, :/
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    Seriously its a joke! Company's the size of facebook should at least bloody test the app before release!!!!!! My god, it makes you wonder how they can earn the money they do! Do they not think about their "customers"!!!!!!!!!! So annoyed! :mad:
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    Works okay on iPhone, but can't login on iPad.

    Great work FB :confused:
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    total idiots
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    just tried the old version on my iPad, logged out and back in, deleted the account and set it up again. All worked fine, so it is something with the new version.
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    Same issue here...
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    same issue, very annoying Facewrecked you can't check your own updates,

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    same problem! avoid this **** asap!!!


    someone is going to get fired

    sometimes it feels like apes test their apps
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    Same problems here, updated, but my friend had been logged in, so I logged out, and then the ios single sign in didn't work, so I tried manually, and I get this error

    It's really frustrating that Facebook can't do anything right when it comes to mobile apps :mad:

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    ive updated in both my devices (ipod touch and iPhone) and it worked on both with no problems.

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