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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by oheckyeah, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking to buy a new camera for my fiance so we can go shooting together, and found a great deal on the canon refurbished site, but I've seen talk of 15% off coupons online being emailed to past customers.

    If anyone has one that they aren't planning on using, I would really appreciate if I could use it. PM me if you can, I'm a college kid on a budget, and 15% off would really help.

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    here is a link to a code via FM

    I think that anything worthwhile is all sold out
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    thanks, but the problem is that they are one time use coupons, that one has already been used. if anyone got a code and hasn't used it, i will put it to good use on a camera body:)

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