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Canon Powershot A95

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by macbaseball, Jul 20, 2005.

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    Well, I ordered a Canon Powershot A95, but unfortunately, it didn't arrive until I had departed for the trip I purchased it for. The box is sealed. This camera is regarded as the one of the best point and shoot cameras. The box is still sealed, as I will only open it if someone wants it. I just wanted to give my buddies of MacRumors the opportunity before I sent it back. I have 124 feedbacks from eBay. This camera sells for $300-$310 on eBay, so I'm going to sell it for $290 shipped to the cont. U.S. this package includes a Canon Powershot A95 and the carrying case.

    Note: I'm not sure if anyone wants pictures of the sealed generic brown box, but I would be perfectly happy to post if you do.

    PM me or post in this thread if interested. I'm located on the Monterey Pennisula, but a Bay Area pick up could be arranged.
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    it is really surprising that it would sell for 300-310 on ebay when one could just buy it on amazon for $260. Brand New. Just a price pointer, great camera for the money. i would buy it if i needed a new camera. Good Luck.

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    Ok, thanks for helping with this thread. That really helped me sell it. The prices on eBay are an average over the last month, and I believe they are fair. This camera is excellent for point and shoot and has 5 megapixels. For $285, I think it's fair. You have to remember I have a camera case which is worth about $10 bucks, and I have to ship it which is another $10-$15. Assuming $260 is the starting point, that's right in the $285 area. Hopefully someone interested in helping me out. I would really appreciate it.
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    I'll give you $250 without the case. Local pickup.
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    Sorry, I was rude to you. I was just frustrated with this whole situation. I bought the thing to take pictures at the Giants game last night, but of course it wasn't delivered until 5 PM when I needed it by noon. I'm just sending it back. You were right about that price. I'm just going to get most of my money back, and take the $40 loss.
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    sorry that i had to come in an say what it costed on amazon, i would buy your camera at that if i needed it, i just like setting a fair price for both parties, you should just return it to where you bought it for the most money given back. that s the recommended route and the reason you can say is that they didnt deliver as promised. Check into that route if possible, if not sell it here, because youll lose even more money with fees on ebay.
    Good luck
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    Alright, so UPS didn't show today. I think I'm going to try to sell it again. I'll sell the camera and case for $272. Here's how I figure:

    $255 for the camera
    $10 for the case
    $7 for shipping (Low end - it would probably be there in 3-5 days)

    Anyone want this camera. It's still in the original box. Payment would be Paypal or cash if someone wants to set a meeting spot in the Southern Bay Area.
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    Sorry, it's not for sale anymore. UPS decided to show up at 6:30 PM. It's not like anyone was interested anyways.

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