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Cant deauthorise for a year??

Discussion in 'iPod' started by stevken, Nov 28, 2009.

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    can anyone help. I have recently purchased two new laptops and sold the old ones. I now find that I cant play music that was purchased on iTunes because I have exceeded my limit of 5 PCs and its says I need to wait till December to deauthorise all as I have already done this once this year.

    Is there a way around this problem?

    It's days like this that make Amazon MP3 sales better value with DRM free music.

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    you have obviously gone into you account via the store and in account info you have clicked on de-authorise all... i have done it many times and it has never said that i have to wait until such and such to do it
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    There is a limitation that you can only do it once a year.

    You could have solved this by de-authorising the old machines individually before you sold them.
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    You could upgrade your library to iTunes plus, removing the DRM... I know it costs but it is a work around. Otherwise, December is only a month away...
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    if you contact apple and tell them why you need to get reset the can do it. i had mine reset because of hard drive failures.
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    many thanks for the responses. Can anyone tell me how to upgrade to iTunes plus?
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    You can do it in the iTunes Store.
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    Once again many thanks for the info. Having looked at the cost of doing this, I have decided to wait till December and buy my music from Amazon MP3 from now on. It is usually cheaper there anyway.

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    iTunes Plus is only for audio files. If you have any movies/tv shows on your iTunes library, you will still need to deauthorize the other computers.
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    I have 120 albums from iTunes. The cost of upgrading is just not worth it.
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    Yeah, don't you know its YOUR FAULT. YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND A THIEF. IT SERVES YOU RIGHT. That is what Steve Jobs is saying to you. Personally I think he needs a swift kick in the nuts for things like this.
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    It does sort of piss me off that I have paid good money for my music and cant listen to it on one device because I didnt think to deauthorise the laptops before selling.

    All this does is force buyers towards other suppliers who sell DRM free music. Lets be honest, if I was going to pirate the music, would I not just have downloaded it from an illegal source?
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    Call support they will reset it for you takes less than five minutes.
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    Well to be honest you probably should remember to de-authorise your machines before you sell them after having already had to do the global de-authorisation within the last year by making that mistake before.

    They could prevent global de-authorisations all together, which would be much more of a PITA.

    You're general average user isn't going to use more than 5 machines over the course of a single year, so even if they don't de-authorise it won't be a problem. To me it just seems like bad luck in this case - fortunately December isn't very far away.
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    Remembering to deauthorise a PC is not high on my agenda when I am concerned about ensuring I have all the data off it before wiping it.

    Its a crap method of preventing copying which is stupid because anyone who is pirating music will hardly buy the albums in the first place.

    On top of that all you have to do is burn the album to cd and rip it and hey presto you have drm free copy anyway
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    I-tunes library has doubled

    Hi -

    I have a very large itunes library that I have backed up with several GB of Mozy backup. I had an incident that required restoration by Mozy. Since then the library is filled with duplicates of every itunes item, although only one seems to get a playcount recorded against it. How do I remove all the duplicates (other than sitting and deleting several thousand items) without impacting what is in the library?
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    Apple needs to either increase this authorization crap to 20 computers or something or remove this feature completely.

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