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Can't decide which iPad case to buy?!?!

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by vvebster, Feb 11, 2011.

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    I having trouble deciding which iPad case to buy, I'm stuck between the Incase Convertible Book Jacket or the Macally BookStand.

    Incase Convertible Book Jacket (59.95$):



    Macally BookStand (29.99$):



    Let me know what you guys think, if you have one of these cases let me know how it is. Do you recommend it?
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    Try an otterbox....

    While some don't like the "rugged" look of it, I travel a LOT (currently in Iraq now) and the otterbox defender series is the way to go. Usable, built-in stand actually works (only in landscape though). On their site they are $90 but I picked one up on amazon NIB for $48.99.

    Just my .02

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    I have been using the Macally Bookstand for three weeks now and I just love it. No interference when using the ipad and so slim when folded around the ipad. The two positions when used as a stand is perfect and it stands firm when I use the ipad to watch a movie in the train (I travel 3-4 hours every day). So you cant go wrong with the Macally and I cant say anything about the Incipio since I have not tested it.
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    I did not like the Macally Bookstand, I thought it was way too flimsy. However, if you are still interested in it, I noticed Amazon has both the regular and the black for $18.xx.


    Personally, I'm either considering the new Yobaoo case that's the PU Leather equivalent of the Apple Case, or the Incase Convertible Magazie Jacket. It slim profile like the Macally, but from reviews appears to be much sturdier.

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    the thing I like about the Convertible Magazine Jacket is the 4 corner that holds the ipad, it is flush with the screen. I was looking for something like that and the bulkiness and nice leather finish of the Convertible Book Jacket.
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    Now to start with I've not seen the Convertible Magazine Jacket in person.

    But the pictures on the web of the two doohickies on the back of the case put me off. What are those things, why are they there, and can they be removed? The case looks perfect but for those things.
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    buy none...go naked
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    Have you had a look at the Yoobao Magic or Yoobao Slim Cases? Highly recommended.
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    Wow, saw a review on the slim on youtube and it looks decent. Do you have it? If so how is it?

    thanks for suggestion it, now you made my decision harder. It's 3 instead of 2 :p
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    Buying a case is difficult. A lot of trial and error for me.
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    Same here. I've got 6 different cases thinking the next one would be the best. I use the ZooGue. My favorite of the lot.
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    Tell me about it, I did the same with my itouch. I bought 2 different 40$+ Incase, a 5$ case from China town NYC :D and finally settled with the Speck Candyshell.
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    As silly as this may seem the Brookstone leather case (not the zipper one) is pretty good. I've had many others but like the feel of this one.
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    I have the macally bookstand right now and like it a lot. But, sometimes the cover feels flimsy to me. If you want a similarly designed case go with the yoobao slim, it is designed similarly to the macally but better quality.

    Also, that magazine jacket thing is a turd it feel like it would break or rip apart in 2 seconds. IMO.
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    personally, I go with Apple's case.

    The only other case I tried was the incase magazine jacket, and I didn't like it.
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    I've reviewed so many dang cases and I always go back to the Apple Case...and swap between the Yoobao Magic/Yoobao Slim, when I wanna spice it up once in awhile..lol :cool:
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    Nice videos! I subscribed :)
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    I have the Yoobao Magic case and love it, particularly the flexibility of the various angles.
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    Nice videos, thanks. Both the Magic and Slim look good.

    My question: Which case does a good job of folding the cover all the way back like the Apple case?

    I have the Apple one and I like its slimness and I often use it with the cover folded all the way back. I don't like the edge seams and how they make it a little difficult to access the volume controls and would like something with corner clips and nothing covering the bezel.

    Also, any estimates as to how much thickness either of these add as compared to the Apple case?
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    Thx for the comments =)

    Cover folded all the way back? Best is the Apple case....next two I would recommend would be the Incase Magazine Jacket (Goto there site...), it folds around the back nicely...and the Bookstand by Macally. Unless you dont mind the bulkier fold around like the Yoobao Slim.
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    My brother has the Incase convertible case and loves it. It's actually a great case. One thing to mention though is that it does add a bit of bulk to it so be prepared if that's the route you choose to go.
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    Thanks. Not sure I like the nubs on the back of the Incase one, will need to see it in person next time I get a chance to visit BestBuy. Same for the Macally, though the user reviews on Amazon call into question its build quality. I'm trying to avoid bulk / thickness and it seems the Apple case I already have is the winner in that area despite its other drawbacks.
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    i would get the ones that has stand up capability since i do use it for watching videos most of the time.

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