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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by altecXP, Jul 23, 2011.

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    11in 1.6/4gb/128 -or- 13.3 1.7/4gb/128

    It's a $100 difference and I can't decide which to get.
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    Same exact boat as you're in. I think im gonna go with the 13'' in the end due to the better battery life and SD card slot
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    Well for me the battery is a +1, but the SD card doesn't matter at all. I like that the 13in has more display room, 1440x900, but the 11in seems to look much batter.
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    What would you be using it for?

    My personal preference is a 13" laptop.
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    I am in the same boat as you but I think I'm gonna end up going with the 13" model because of the larger screen. It is only half a pound heavier and although the dimensions are a bit bigger, it isn't like I'm going to be using it while standing in line for a concert. It will be resting on tables at Starbucks and libraries. And $1200 sounds much more justifiable for a 13" laptop instead of an 11" laptop.
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    It would be used for Xcode, Pages, Adium, occasional Starcraft 2
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    Here are some questions for you:

    1. Do you need desktop space?
    2. Do you travel a lot?
    3. Is this your primary computer?
    4. Do you use an external monitor at all?

    If you're answers to 1 and 3 are yes, the 13" is a better model for you. If 2 and 4 are Yes, then the 11" is probably better for you. I personally went with the 13" mainly because I couldn't think of using anything smaller for working. If you're more on the "entertainment" side of things, 11" is probably a better model as well.
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    Both the 11" and 13" can handle these without problems.
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    Go for the 13" as there is 400mhz difference when your really working, and I'm sure that would claw a couple of extra frames in StarCraft ;)
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    It will be my main machine, it will be used at my desk, train, office, road, and I do have an external display I can hook up.

    I know that the 11 and 13 fit my HW needs. I'm just tossed up over the display needs/wants.
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    The 13inch is a more versatile option , kinder to your eyes and much more productive in my opinion. If you need a netbook to literally throw around and use for emails and a bit of browsing, there are new asus netbooks based on meego that can do that for $200 and without the added fear of losing/breaking something expensive.

    The 13" is ultra portable in my eyes . It was also teh first mac for my sister ,who could not believ this is was much lighter than any of her books :)

    Good luck with your decision
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    I'm having the same internal debate.

    I had the 2010 11" MBA (2gb ram, 64gb ssd) absolutely loved it. Really never had an issue with the 11" screen.

    I sold it because I wanted to get more hard drive space and ram and had every intention of buying the 11" with 4gb of ram and the 128gb ssd

    But then I realized that I can get the 13" for just $87.30 more... Now I don't know what to do.

    I never attempted to use the MBA as a primary device, but I took it with me everywhere. I feel as though I would be tempted to use the 13" as my primary device which is appealing, but even though it is only 25% heavier, I still wonder if I'm going to be more hesitant to grab it off my desk whenever I'm heading out.

    Good luck to you
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    I think you would appreciate the screen size on the 13" for Xcode and Starcraft 2. The extra battery size in the 13" will help you play Starcraft 2 longer and I'm sure the graphics performance would be a bit better with more memory allocated to it.
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    Having played with both, and having own the 11 inch model since that size was released last fall, the 11 inch feels a lot smaller when you're talking a bag, carrying with you, etc. And while I have a Mac Pro with a 27 inch monitor at home, I don't find it constraining to use my MBA for the tasks that it does a good job at -- right now my Mac Pro is a room over and I'm typing on my MBA. So, personally, I prefer the 11.6 model, but it really depends on the person.

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