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can't get 3G working on iphone

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by spacka, Sep 4, 2008.

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    ive just recently got my new iphone and cant get 3G on. ive never once had the little logo in the corner and therefore havent been able to ge ton the net, unless i have wifi.

    ive tried resetting all settings and keep turning the phone on and off but no luck.
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    where abouts do you live?

    I think thats the crucial matter here
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    Santa Rosa

    What do you actually have up in the top left hand corner. There should be the signal bars, then O2-UK then whats after that? A box with a dot or an E in it?
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    Are you using your old SIM?

    Some old SIMs are not 3G!
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    I either get box with a dot, a box with E or the 3G logo... depending where I am. Either way I usually have some sort of data connection.

    The only other thing that maybe the issue is how long have you been activated? maybe 02 hasnt fully activated you yet?
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    I had this problem when I first got my 3G iPhone. Since I was using my mom's contract to upgrade (mine was not upgradable until Nov.), the AT&T store activated my iPhone to my number, but accidentally added the data plan to my mom's number. I went back and they switched it to my account and now it's working on my iPhone.
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    im in the UK and i live in newcastle but im pretty sure thats not crucial, as plenty of my friends with the same phone get a connection.

    i dont get anything after the O2 signal bars. no square, dot, 3G, nothing.

    ive heard this is a common problem and assumed everyone would have a wuick solution since i know of a few people whove been in the same position.
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    ok heres a few tips I learnt from 02 themselves.

    Turn the phone off and take the simcard out and reinsert.

    If that doesnt work, do a hard reset by holding the home button and the power button until you see the Apple logo and release both. Once loaded, go into settings and activate airplane mode for 15 seconds. Turn airplane mode off.

    Give those a try and let us know what happens
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    nah sorry just tried those. nothing.
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    Try calling 02 customer services and see if there is an error at their end.

    2302 from your iPhone.
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    yeah but theres one more thing.

    i originally had the old iphone, and lost it last monday. i had insurance and so they sent me another phone but they intended it to be the old one, but they accidentally sent me a 3g one. so now im a bit wary of phoning them up in case they think im not meant to have a 3G phone.
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    well it's possible it's not working because you do not have a 3G plan for the phone. the data plans are different for the old iphone and the 3G i believe.
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    but when they sent me the new 3g phone it came with a brand new 3g sim card which already had my old phone number on it, so i think it seems as though it was intended for me.

    i dont know =/
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    Santa Rosa

    You use the same SIM card when transferring to the iPhone 3G from the original. O2 extend your contract when you do this, so by your theory maybe they tweak some of the settings.

    Have you tried disabling just the 3G service on your new iPhone? (Settings>General>Network>Enable 3G) Then if you get data over EDGE or GPRS the theory in the quote may hold.

    Also when you lost your old iPhone, im guessing you lost your SIM card that was in it as well and you blocked the old iPhone with the IMEI?
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    well basically i lost my phone on a night out and then contacted O2 the next day. At first they barred my phone and then later on I did the insurance claim.

    The man on the phone specifically asked if it was the "8gb Old 2G phone" to which I said yes and he confirmed it was in stock and said it would be with me the next day.

    Of course, it was, but it was the 3G phone, not the old one. in the box with the phone was the new SIM card, which i inserted and automatically regained my old phone number.

    The only thing i can think of now is that maybe it has something to do with itunes/syncing. when i connected the new phone to itunes it asked me whether i wanted to restore all the content/settings from the backup system it has. which i did.
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    Santa Rosa

    I doubt that would be the problem but what you could do is try a phone restore and upgrade to the latest firmware 2.0.2.

    Just connect your iPhone to your computer again and hit restore on the iTunes window.

    Did you try my suggestion about turning off just 3G? Also are you able to make calls and text no bother?
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    When did you recieve the phone? It can take upto 24 Hours or little more for full service to resume
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    ive had it well over a week now.

    ive tried turning everything off and stuff like that, but no luck.
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    I really think you have no option but to call customer services. Seeing as the number got put onto your new sim card, they know you have the 3G iPhone. I think its simply the case of tying up loose ends on their system
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    Santa Rosa

    Either that or the 3G chipset is broken for data somehow (way longshot!!)
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    ok i just phoned O2 and the guy said i had an GPRS (or something?) barr on my phone, which basically meant the internet was barred (probably something to do with when i reported it lost) and so he's going to sort it out which should take a couple of hours at most.

    cheers for all the help dudes.

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