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Can't get Apps from iMac onto iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by Cheshire777, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I've got Apps showing in the Applications folder in my iTunes on my iMac but can't get them onto my iPhone. Am I very stupid ? Probably. Can anyone talk me through it.
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    Yea, same thing happened to me.

    In iTunes, go to the Applications tab. Double click on an icon of an app you've downloaded and it will ask you for you for your iTunes password to authorize your account. Then it should be fine. Just plug-n-sync from there.

    I've attached the error message I was getting, so if that's what you saw, then what I said should fix it. Good luck.

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    You have to authorize your mac. Seems to be a bug. Double click on one of the apps in itunes and it'll bring up a window asking for your itunes username/password, then it'll authorize the mac for all your applications.

    edit: Dammit should have read the second message properly before posting...
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    Is it the same thing for Windows users like me?
    How do I get the apps on my ipod touch?
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    Unless you've somehow managed to get hold of the ipod touch 2.0 software you can't.

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