Can't install 10.3 on B&

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mus0r, May 26, 2005.

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    Installer makes it to the Apple screen...does the little spinning thing at the bottom....then hangs.

    Tried checking the RAM with DIMM First AID...says good.

    Took out all RAM but that which came with the computer...still hangs.

    Tried pulling the SCSI card...still hangs.

    Any ideas???
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    What firmware version are you running? Wasn't there an issue where the firmware update was required for installing Panther on the B&W?
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    Computer came with updated firmware...I tried the latest installer and it said I was up to date.
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    just an idea: first get Carbon Copy Cloner and install it on the Pb
    boot the Pb as Target (FireWire mode)
    connect both computers & try to boot you B&W from the Pb drive...
    if that works... you can run Panther but for some reason cannot boot from the cd's
    so if it works: copy your panther installation from the Pb onto the G3 with carbon copy cloner & reboot on the internal drive...

    ok this is not a clean install but if that works... it works

    other idea: if you can boot from panther with the Target function & you have an external FireWire drive you can connect it to the Pb, do a clean OS installation on that drive & do exactly as told above but from that drive and copy the clean installation onto it...

    I rememeber having the same problem with an iMac G3 once... and this worked for me than...

    PS: you can allso do this from you G5 (I see in your sig you have one of those too ;))

    good luck ;-)

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    No, figured out the problem...

    The F***ing video card. They sent me the G3 with an older video card, with the old Mac video connector, rather than VGA. That was annoying because I had to get an adapter, not it's even worse, because it's preventing me from installing Panther as well... :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    What version of MacOS do you have now? You might also try installing it via XPostFacto...the B&W is specifically on the supported list.

    Link to XPostFacto
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    That's just said it's not supported when I tried running it. :( :mad:
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    That's weird, I'm sorry! :( It specifically discusses that it's useful on a B&W because of firewire-related limitations on the main page.... Too strange.
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    This really blows...I *HATE* OS 9...Now I have to scavenge a usable video card. :(
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    Video cards
    Some video cards are problematic in Mac OS X. Check the compatibility page for details. In Mac OS X 10.3, sometimes the "Use old NDRVs" option in XPostFacto can help.

    maybe they left you stuck with one of those cards...??

    it sucks big time indeed, when I read your first post about the connector that was off course the first odd thing... check ebay you probably can find a cheap pci card for it... but this is another stupid cost indeed...
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    It gets even better...

    I just identified the video ixMicro Twin Turbo...great a video card from a company that no longer exists. They went under around '99, so more than likely this card was from a Beige, or AIO G3. Amazing...

    It's a good thing I still have a liter of vodka laying around :eek: ; it's been a long day.
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    My recently acquired B & W came with the Rage 128 card in the 66Mhz PCI slot and installing Panther was no problem whatsoever. No XPostFacto needed. Try ebay for Rage 128 cards for this computer (make sure you get a PCI card and not a AGP card).

    Here's one:

    Or you can get a Radeon 7000, or a Radeon 9200 for the best possible video card performance for the B & W (in theory anyway--and watch out for video card pirates--who are not selling retail versions and may be selling "flashed" PC versions--I personally would not buy such)

    PS Often times the best ebay secret for computer stuff is to get what you want in a package deal (a dud computer with the video card you want for example). Why? Because if the computer or product is for some reason undesirable--computer too old, or broken in some way--you can get it for dirt. If the shipping is not too high, you get the part(s) you want but for much less. An example in your case might be this:

    If the shipping is low, you got your Rage 128 card (unless there is a different version for the Beige G3 and B & W G3) AND an extra computer to either sell cheap or give away to grandma, or to set up as an extra typing computer, etc. etc.
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    I bet there might even be people here who've upgraded and have one laying around...that'll be safer, since there's always that flashed PC card danger.... :(
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    You shouldnt need XPostFacto to install Tiger or Panther on a Blue and White, since it is supported offically by Apple. But yeah, it wont run on that ixMicro card. Damn those are old. :)

    On the note of the PC flashed cards, I havent had a single problem with mine. And mine does Quartz Extreme using PCI Extreme really well with no slowdowns what-so-ever. Dashboard and Expose used to be really choppy, now its smooth as butter. And the Switching User Cube effect? Bleepin SWEET LOOKING!
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    Strange B & W with a G4/450 card installed and the standard Rage 128 card does not seem choppy in Expose at all. Yet I've heard others talk about choppiness. Maybe what I'm experiencing actually IS choppy because I've never seen the smoothness of a modern Quartz Extreme Mac. Hmmmm.
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    Cheers! ;-)

    and good luck with the B&W...
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    Reanimation, lol, the fact that this transition was added as a slide transition between PPT.X and 2004 was a big chunk of why I upgraded! :D Well, not really, but it does rock, and people always love it. If only it could do random directions instead of always the same direction. At least, I don't think it does that.

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