Can't see pics in Aperture Library

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by mikeheenan, May 15, 2011.

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    After installing an SSD and HDD combo in my MBP, and copying the Pictures folder to my HDD storage drive, I installed Aperture 3.1.2 on my SSD, and opened up the Library from File/Switch to Library, and I couldn't see any pics within the projects I created. The projects were there as were the number of photos within, just not the photos themselves. I then did a ctrlaltStart to repair/rebuild the library, but I still cannot see any pictures after this was done. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
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    Anyone know of an easier way to locate reference files as a batch? All my photos are on my Storage drive, but are still linked to my HD. I selected all the photos and went to File-Locate Reference Files, and selected STorage-Pictures folder and then clicked Done, but it doesn't change anything. However if I go into each individual folder (year/month/day) I can select the photo(s) and link them properly. This would be a big PITA doing it on an individual basis, with close to 7000 photos.

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