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"Can't stop buying that funky Apple sh*t..!"

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by vollspacken, Apr 9, 2004.

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    Boys and girls, I have the following problem:

    Everytime I buy a new piece of hardware, I already have an idea of what to buy next and what to do with it... there simply is so much cool Apple hardware out there that wants to be liberated and put to a good use :)

    I'm not talking about buying hardware just for the sake of owning it (like a Spartacus 20th Anniversary Mac), but rather buying to actually use it for some sort of purpose (e.g. an beige G3 as an SCSI-interface.)

    What is the stuff you want to buy next? Not the Rev. B G5 or the G5 Powerbook, I know everybody is waiting for that, I'm talking about pieces of hardware that are around today, either from Apple or on the 2nd hand market - everything from the current Apple lineup to 68k Macs, don't forget peripherials, printers and everything else... ;)

    In order to get the thread started, I'll post the stuff I want to buy:

    Apple Laserwriter IIg
    - I want this one as an inexpensive network printer in our appartment, seems to be a nice, rugged, and cheap machine...
    link here

    Apple TV Tuner Remote Control
    - A black Powermac 5400/180 I just bought was missing the remote, so I'll need this one to make it complete (and to use it as a TV substitute)
    link here

    Apple PowerCD
    - This one would look nice with my modded SE/30, much better than the beige/platinum CD-ROM I currently use...
    link here

    I would also like to replace the old AMD Celeron PC that I currently use as a fileserver with a Rev. B B/W G3... but that's not very urgent

    o.k., now it's your turn. what are you looking forward to to buy next?

  2. 7on
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    Needing one for next semester as a sort of file server. Mainly to access my FW drive while elsewhere on campus.

    Though I might go with a B/W
    Depends on how ebay treats me on RAM, since I won't be using Altivec.
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    yeah, that's exactly what I would want a B/W G3 for... :) and they are so damn sexy!

    the only problem is that those machines are still way to expensive for me (well, not really, but I don't want to spend too much for a machine that would just host backup data and movies...) - that's why I still use an old PeeCee for that :(

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    I want to get an external HD and an external DVD burner. I'm buying a new mac this summer, but I'd rather have stuff like that be independant of the processor. That way, if I upgrade systems, I've still got the external components to work with.

    I'm leaning towards the Porsche designed Lacie's. I don't need pure performance, and if I've got to stare at it all the time, I'd prefer the drives to look good (like my mac).

    The real question is, which one should I buy first? Input would be appreciated.
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    Great thread title... can't stop laughing... haha :D
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    I have an old 5500 Powermac.
    The motherboard in it died about a year ago, but I had on even older Performa 580 around.
    I pulled the 580's MB out, and slipped it into the 5500 case.
    So now I have the bigger screen. As I have the TV/Video card for this machine. I do have the Apple remote for it, BUT, any SONY TV remote will work with the apple TV tuner IR port just fine. Unfortunately you will not have the CD eject button, but everything else works I believe.
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    hey, thanks for the advice... this means I'll have to fire up eBay and get me a smooth Sony remote tomorrow evening... :)

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    I agree
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    What do I want? Jeez...

    - Another Xserve to begin with, maybe a G5 one
    - a G5
    - a PowerBook 100
    - a LaserWriter > they are really cool :cool:
    - another Newton
    - a PowerBook 2400 > they go for $500 and up over here, highway robbery :mad:
    - a new iPod
    - a 12" PowerBook
    - an old iBook
    - and Apple umbrella
    - an Apple Picasso desk light :cool: :cool: :cool:

    that's all I can think of right now ....
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    hmm, they are fairly affordable over here in Germany (if you can find one...) :)

    still expensive in Japan, huh? I thought the 2400c's cult following was dying out because of the 12" aluBook? :confused:

    I still thing that machine is one of the best Macs ever made, Apple should drop the 12" and turn it into a 2400-like ultra portable with a 10" screen and a slightly smaller keyboard... I once had IBM's equivalent, the Thinkpad 240x (the 2400 was designed by IBM, the thinkpad essentially is the same computer...), and I absolutely loved it (and everybody that saw it was amazed how small it was...)

    ...and concerning the Laserwriter, I agree with you on that one ;)

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    *sigh* No, I've wanted one for a long time, but they are still too expensive. Here's one, **NEW** for ¥300,000 which is almost $3,000 :eek: :eek: Yahoo! Japan auction PowerBook 2400 NEW

    The LaserWriters are cheap over here now, and they print ever so nicely, I don't know why more people don't buy them :D

    Oh yeah, I want a LISA too. And an original Mac 128k or 512k, I'm not picky :) (everytime I go to everymac.com, I find more things that I want.)
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    holy sh*t, $3000..?! :eek:

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    I don t know how anyone resisted not opening that nice 2400
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    Yeah, $3000. :rolleyes:

    It's all new, and he's throwing in a battery, an AC adapter, BooKEndZ (?) and a screw driver set. I posted an auction by this guy a while back; he also had a 5300 (3 I think) also brand new in their boxes, but he wanted a little over $2000 for all 3 :rolleyes:

    Even if I bought it though, I wouldn't want to open it if it was new!! :eek: It would ruin everything ... :(
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    Apple Stuff

    Apple Headphones! Only ever seen a picture of them.

    Came as part of the Apple Multimedia Kit with Design Speakers II etc
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    I've got one of those spare knocking about from my long deceased 5500/225! PM me if you want to buy/trade.
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    Huh! Quoting myself from 2 years ago. Exactly to the day!

    From my wishlist, I managed to get:

    - A G5 1.6Ghz
    - A PowerBook 100 ... the display is now dead :rolleyes:
    - A Personal LaserWriter 300
    - A PowerBook 2400
    - A new iPod
    - A 12" PowerBook
    - 2 old iBooks: blueberry & tangerine

    Not bad :) No more Xserves for me, and no umbrella (too many umbrella thieves here anyway) nor desk light. There was a LISA on auction over here a few weeks ago, but I wasn't willing to pay $1500 for one :mad:

    I'll be moving back to the US in another year or two, so I've stopped actively collecting Macs. It's taking up too much time, space and ¥¥¥!
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    Is really sad when You have a dream about a iMac G4 and the next day you go buy one. I just did that like a week ago $375 1GhZ with a 150GB 7200rpm HD!
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    I've done that with CLIEs.

    The G4 iMac is a nice machine. I would have liked to have had one myself.
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    My wish list: :)
    -More newtons...
    -*****iMac G4*****
    -more newtons...
    -One of the older ACD's (with the plastic bezels)
    -more newtons...

    So yeah...I can't get enough of the newtons...it's rediculous how much I love these things! :eek: :D
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    Thats funny I just noticed that this thread is 2 years old! I have managed to get all of the things I wanted from 2 years ago. Now I just want a PowerMac G5 with a 20in. ACD and a 5th gen. iPod
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    - an Apple umbrella
    - an Apple Picasso desk light
    - Lots of apple Stickers
    - NEWTONS!
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    looking for:

    -TV/Video System
    -mac IISI
    -Mac II
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    I want a QuickTake to take weird pictures with.

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