Can't they do that number generator thing to see if a beta is coming out?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by tymaster50, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Like how someone discovered there was a beta 4 coming soon. It was on this site btw.

    Not being impatient btw I couldn't care less about beta 7 aha.
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    Number generator? :confused:

    And this ↓
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    You cared enough to make a thread about it. We'll find out in 2 hours.
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    Some user on here posted the build number for beta 4, he got it by changing the numbers and letters until it matched something, to which the dev site says the link has timed out, which means it worked.
    I'll try to find a link.


    Trust me, I have a lot more things to worry about than the next beta, I don't even have space on my iPhone for it.
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    It sounds like that requires knowing the number of the beta.
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    Seems more like a simple counter that increases the build number and goes through some (hex?) letter combinations along with it to find a build that might result in something different. It would really only perhaps show something if a build is in fact on a server and the server is configured differently to respond to non-existing files vs. to unavailable/hidden (for lack of a better word) files.


    And yet here we are discussing it in a thread that you started (when even tons of those who actually care about the beta in one way or another often don't even post in beta threads, let alone start them). ;) :apple:

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