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cap win percents

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by bokdol, Feb 26, 2004.

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    just wondering how many caps (itunes) have you won yet? i have been 6 for 8... but i have not bought any cups just the yellow cap bottles.
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    0 for 14.

    I get a handed out soda... so I can't check for cap, I think someone is getting the good one from me so far...

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    Bought 4 and won 2. Maybe I'm just lucky.
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    I have purchased 10 20 oz bottles of Pepsi. At the moment I have earned 6 songs, wow.
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    0 for 2. I don't peek, though. Seems too much like cheating.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Between my partner and I we are 124 out of 169....
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    So it sounds like you and your partner don't like Pepsi. Continued happy hunting. :p
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    Chip NoVaMac


    We never drank the stuff before the contest... yeah right. It is just now we have a real reason too.... <G>
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    Are those pepsi bottles less than $0.99? If not, maybe you should start thinking of buying your music on iTMS and start drinking water ^_^
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    Chip NoVaMac

    We are Pepsi drinkers. the 1lt. bottles are $1.39 in our area. We use the cheat now on them. So we get the soda for .39 cents after you factor the ITMS redemption. So it works out well for us.
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    Allright. I guess it's a good deal if you can drink that much Pepsi. ;)
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    All my caps are winners!!! I dont drink Pepsi, but my friends do, and whenever they win they give the caps to me. I get free music without drinking that devil's water.
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    that 169 pepsis makes me want to take a piss. See below from my stats on this. And I use the cheat to justify my buying of one pepsi at a time. If the walmart would sell the bulk, I would get a couple of 6 packs, or 12, or how ever many they sell in one bundle.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Re: man

    He and i drink coffee very seldom. Otherwise we probably go through 6 to 12 12oz cans a day (I know water would be better).

    For us we look at since we have moved to the 1lt. bottles we are drinking less pepsi overall. We are averaging just under 7 bottle a day now.
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    see signature for details.

    i only cheated once. i think it's a good percentage.
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    i tried to cheat today and couldn't, the bottles had wavey plastic lines at the top and i couldn't see in... is this just me? or is there a trick i am missing?

    anyway... i've bought two slurpees, won with one of them. 50%
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    I finally won a cap!


    1 for 21!

    yay! :confused: :confused:
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    Congratulations MrMacman. That was a run of bad luck, statistically 7 would have been correct. By any chance did you try the 10 degree slant? It didn't work for me because of poor eyesight. What did you purchase?

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