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Caption This: Before and After (Good for a laugh)

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by browserman, May 2, 2004.

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    or: make ordinary photos ridiculous

    How was the man on the left transformed into the man on the right?

    Make your answer into a caption - add a few - makes for funny reading. :)
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    haha I love these.
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    "I'm on my way now to the meeting with the environmentalists...I know they're supposed to be extremists...I'm not worried...WHAT?...what do you mean they have a special dress code for corporate executives?...no, I didn't know...what do you mean they'll take care of it when I get there?...."
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    Cell phone withdrawl can be so severe that even in complete isolation, the addict will still "talk" on their mittens. Indeed, the Betty Ford Cell-Phone Withdrawl Resort high in the mountains is full of tragic faces just like Michael here.
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    1. "I'm telling you Bob, Windows is the future!"

    2. 5 years later...
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    9.5 ouf ot 10

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    So Bob I just got the CFO posistion at Enron. This job is gonna take me to places I never thought possible.
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    "Sorry honey, I just failed my company drug test, now that I lost my job I don't know what we will do. I guess the government was right when they said that marijuana will ruin your life"
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    On the night before he was voted off the island, Benton thought back on his old life. No, he could never return to that life. Not after the mitten incident.
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    Left: "Can you hear me now?"

    Right: "Not so good."
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    1. [April 26th, 2004 approx 6pm] The day trader calling in an order to move all his assets to Nortel at the opening bell on the 27th, based on a rumor of a "big annoucement" he heard in the lobby.

    2. [April 28th, 2004] The same day trader pictured here with all assets visible.
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    Right: "What?"
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    Left: Hearing person on the other end of the phone: Hello, Honey? I want a divorce.

    Right: One year later.
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    Why do I always mix this up? *69 calls the last person back *68 teleports you to a desolate cavern. I shouldn't use the phone when I'm distracted.
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    LOFL! :D :D :D

    That's got to be the best on yet.
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    "Hey, yeah I'm talking to you on the new phone ... Didn't cost me a thing! I just had to sign a contract with them ... Fine print?"
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    Caption: From riches to rags, the life of the SCO lawyer. After IBM last blow, most of the former lawyers are found here playing music for food. (200X when IBM wins and SCO folds.)
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    What can Brown do for you?
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    "That's right invest it ALL in Enron!"
    "Bob, I'm telling, Enron is HOT!"
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    "I'm leaving now for the IT conference in Atlanta. No, I'm driving. I heard about some shortcuts through back roads in Georgia...If I get lost, I'll just ask for directions! What's the worst that can happen?..."

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    These virtual reality games are getting out of hand.
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    Nicholas, this is your game and welcome to it.
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    Savile Row hand-tailored pinstriped suit, cost: $2850

    Hermes silk tie, cost: $135

    Charles Tyrwhitt shirt and monogrammed cufflinks, cost:$265

    Brooks Brothers dress socks, cost:$40

    Church's "benchmade in London" made-to-order captoe shoes, cost: $725

    Rolex, cost: $4150

    Company cell-phone, cost: $0

    TOTAL COST: $7165


    The satisfaction that comes from hearing that the CEO who stole your ideas and transferred you to a cave in Azerbaijan, where the required dress code is hermit's cast-off rags and bare feet, has just been indicted for embezzlement.

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    "I want you to be alert--the terrorists could be anywhere."

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