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Car integration?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by grappler, Jun 29, 2007.

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    I'm curious to know what car integration options iPhone has.

    My ideal car integration would go something like this:

    I get in my car. When it starts, my car stereo with bluetooth finds my phone (because I paired them up when I first got them) and puts it into a 'car mode'.

    I can use controls on the stereo or steering wheel to navigate the content on the phone. Music, podcasts, etc. A large color screen on the stereo shows the info laid out very similarly to how the iPhone would show it, making it easy to navigate. The 'played before' markers show for podcasts etc.

    If a call comes in, I have 'send to voicemail' or 'answer' options I can select on the stereo's controls. If I answer, the stereo acts as a handsfree device, and then resumes the music when the call ends.

    Anyone know if something like this exists? Without the right car integration, I just don't see how I could make this device work - right now the phone and iPod are separate so it isn't much of an issue...

    (edit - it need not be bluetooth. A dock connector that does all this and also charges the phone might be even better)
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    That would be nice.

    The iPhone HAS TO pair with my car for me to buy it. The phone I have now pairs wonderfully with my car (2005 Prius, fully loaded) and automatically connects when I turn the car on. I make all my calls from either the steering wheel or from the touch screen display. I absolutely love it and will never have another car without these features.
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    Ditto. I also have a Prius and want to know if the iPhone works with it without problems.
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    Hopefully I'll be able to let you know after this weekend. Setting up my existing phone with the Prius was so easy I can't imagine that the iPhone will be that different unless its Bluetooth functionality is buggy.
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    Car Integration Successful

    I tried pairing my iPhone with my RX400h and wasn't too successful. I called the Lexus dealer and they said come in. It took them about 5 minutes to get it paired. Now the phone works with the steering wheel and speakers. My next concern was reprogramming in all the numbers. I couldn't figure this out, but to my surprise I found that my old programmed numbers all worked!
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    HFL worked perfectly fine in my 06 TL, out with the razr, in with the iphone :)
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    Bluetooth integration with my '07 BMW 5 series was seamless; full control from steering wheel and iDrive, including voice activated dialing by speaking a number or by contacts. Pulls the entire contact list, rather than just the "favorites" list as my Treo 650 did.
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    Prius works (almost) perfectly

    I have a 2005 Prius, also fully loaded, with a few under the table extras, including a box to spoof the car audio into thinking the iPod is an MD changer (which as near as I can tell no one outside of Japan actually owns).

    I was able to pair the iPhone (mine is called Phiona) with my Prius no problem but the service that would allow me to transfer my contacts to the car's memory was inoperative.

    In the perfect world, the Prius would publish its GPS coordinates in a format the iPhone could listen to and upgrade its map software.

    Integration through my iPod interface works properly. I can select playlists and tracks within playlists, and incoming calls are received and sent through the ambient speakers. Also, the music pauses when I put in the 30 pin connector. So it's reasonably effective. A nice side benefit is that I no longer need to have a second charger - my 30 pin connector takes care of both charging and music control and transfer needs.
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    I've got pretty much the same thing, Embassy. I forget who makes it ( I think VAIS or som,ething like that), but I have a box that lets me control my iPod as if it were an MD changer- everything works as it should (control via the steering wheel and/or by the touch screen, track names display on the screen, etc.).

    I picked up an iPhone this morning, and if it ever gets activated (damn you, AT&T!!) I'll let everyone know how the pairing works for me.
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    I have an Alpine head unit, that is 3 yrs old. I added an ipod interface "box" which made the head unit thing the ipod is a cd changer. With this unit and a normal ipod you can search, shuffle, use the buttons for track up and down, and the track name and info comes across the head unit lcd display. When I loaded my iphone with music and connected it, you get a message on the iphone screen saying this is not a compatible device. Ignoring the message let the music play just fine with no search capability.
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    I paired my iPhone with a Lexus RX350 in about 20 seconds from start to finish. Works perfectly except you can't transfer the phonebook. But that's NOT the car kits fault, except of course for the fact that it wants a copy of the phonebook rather than just using Bluetooth to access the phonebook on the phone itself. The reason you can't send contacts to the car kit is that there is no option on the iPhone to send contacts (not even a single contact let alone all of them) via Bluetooth. Turns out this isn't something I care about anyway, as the nanny state rules Lexus and it won't let me browse the contacts list if the car is moving in any case, so I have no choice but to use the contacts list on the phone (looking down at the phone instead of glancing at the screen in the car. Way to go Lexus.)

    I also have the VAIS box to make it look like an MD changer and that works perfectly, although iPhone warns me that this is not a "Works with iPhone" accessory and offers to go into Airplane mode to reduce audio interference. Ignore that prompt and it goes away in about 10 seconds on it's own. iPod capabilities work fine using the steering wheel controls etc. When you are in iPod mode on the phone it says "Accessory connected" which is what my regular iPod does. But you can still go into the phone and the rest of the features on the phone just fine.

    So, it would seem they have thought about it!

    Oh, and it paired with my nuvi just fine, and it sees the phone book on the phone (since it doesn't try to take a copy of it.)

    be well

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    Same problem I'm having. I paired the phone with my '07 Infiniti G35 sedan in about 20 seconds. But the car wants me to send my address book to the phone via bluetooth and there's no option in the phone to do that. The phone manual says the phone may automatically add the address book but provides no other details. I guess only to BMW's? I can manually add contacts to the cars address book so I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way. Why there's no option to send contact via bluetooth is beyond me.
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    Car Bluetooth doesn't stay connected

    In my Audi A3 with navigation and Bluetooth, the iPhone pairs easily, and offers the integrated controls. However, the connection doesn't stay on, turning off, and not always remaining connected, or auto-reconnecting. The iPhone might need to more aggressively ping the headset to keep the connection on?

    Anyone else having problems with the iPhone Car Bluetooth staying on?
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    Car iPod adapter only charges, no audio signal

    In my Audi A3 with navigation, bluetooth and Sirius satellite, an official dealer-installed iPod connector kit only manages to charge the iPhone. The audio playback comes out the iPhone speakers, rather than through the connector cord.

    You do get the airplane mode warning, upon connection, and neither mode solves the playback problem. This system works fine with the nano, so there's a difference between these iPod interfaces.

    Anyone else experiencing similar results?
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    Same problem with my A3, and it also happens in my wife's A4 with Nav. I've read reports of this with Audis in a few Audi/VW forms as well. There appears to be a compatibility issue with the Audi bluetooth implementation. Hopefully it can be fixed with a software update.

    Any Audi owners here NOT having this problem?
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    It works with my '07 Prius. Easy to set up.
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    Has anyone tried this with a newer Alpine head unit using the iPod interface cable? I have a 2006 CDA-9857 that works beautifully with my Nano, and I'd like to know how it would work with an iPhone. The plan is to sell my iPods to help cover the cost, but without car integration it just doesn't work for me!
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    Handsfree Integration Problem

    Paired my iPhone with my Volvo's Bluetooth Handsfree devive in about a minute. However, despite being able to make and receive calls wirelessly, I cannot hear my voicemail through the Bluetooth system.
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    BMW 5 series revisited

    Back to my '07 BMW 5 series. Yes, the entire address book does transfer to the iDrive system. This is good--and bad. With my Treo, only my "speed dial" numbers transferred, but with the iPhone, my entire list of contacts (not just my favorites) transfers, which is about 500 names. I would prefer if just the favorites transferred, which would be less to scroll through and less for the voice recognition system to decipher.

    I am having an audio issue, however. During the first 15 seconds of the first call or two that I make each time I get into the vehicle, the audio drops in and out and then it finally stabilizes. I didn't have this problem with my Treo in the BMW. It's only for the first few seconds, but it is annoying! I'm gonna try the iPhone with my wife's Jabra to see if it's a BMW issue or an iPhone issue. Hopefully some of the audio issues addressed here and in the Audi's will be addressed with a software update.
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    Try the Parrot:


    My partner has this in his Cayenne, originally to support his Treo. Switching in the iPhone was seamless, and actually resulted in better functionality.
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    Quick question for the guys that have got their iPhones working with bluetooth handsfree kits in their cars:-

    Once you've done the initial pairing of the devices, every time you get in your car (with your iPhone in your pocket) after that, will the iPhone connect to your car AUTOMATICALLY when you start it up? Meaning you don't have to do anything when you get in your car?

    Then pressing the car's answer/end button will also control iPhone if you get a call (and route the audio through your car speakers, etc.)?
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    Yes, and yes.
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    Same here with my '07 RDX. And for some reason actually creates less interference than my blackberry pearl. Weird by I like it.

    Now if you could play music through HFL that would be pretty cool because the AUX cable I have doesn't fit into the iphone jack.
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    BMW Pairing

    You need to turn off the Wi-Fi option on the iPhone to use it without the instability mentioned.
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    If you want that much functionality out of your car stereo, and have it display very similarly to the way the iPhone shows it, wouldn't it make more sense to just get a dash mount and mount the actual iPhone there and use it?

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