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Cardinal Warns Parents About Giving Wireless Devices as Chri...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 17, 2005.

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    Mac Users Warn Parents of Allowing Children to Access Religious Propoganda

    Mac users united today in a movement to denounce the religious hipocracy and propoganda that does its best to conceal a history of child abuse and deviant sexual behavior, yet demeans natural sexual exploration by way of standard non-deviate porn. Led by extreme moderate Malcolm Oswald Sibley X, mac users marched to denounce the web of venemous lies woven by the clergy. And there was much rejoicing.
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    It's not the minors you have to worry about, it's the priests! :eek:
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    Not buying little Johnny an iPod for Christmas isn't going to stop him from looking at porn. Only good parenting can do that. And chances are, even with good parenting, he's going to get curious enough that it's going to happen one way or another. Why don't we bring back chastity belts while we're at it if we want to protect our kids from evils of sex? :p :rolleyes:
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    How the heck can a kid download porn wirelessly onto his ipod ?????

    If the kid already has porn on his computer then he can transfer it, but the iPod is not the problem...

    Leave the name "iPod" out of your argument and it just doesn't have enough weight ??? Won't grab enough attention ???

    Whatever cardinal dude !!!
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    Well, considering the article says that the Cardinal is worried about how iPods and other wireless devices can send and receive pornography, much of it unsolicited, I'd say that in addition to good parenting, a lack of wireless technology will also stop this unsolicited porn from getting to little Johnny's iPod. He'd have to sync it there himself.
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    Thinking scares the religious, the conservatives, the rich because if people think, they often reject the spoon-fed dogma that the establishment dishes out.

    Technology scares those in control because it gives people options, hence the overwhelming push to take innovations and turn them into entertainment.

    These people don't love god, they love power and money.
  8. emw
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    Did I miss a product announcement?! iPods are now wireless? Sweet.


    I'd be more worried about a priest giving a kid an iPod with porn already on it.
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    Zero iPods have shipped with porn on them.

    A small percentage of priests have shipped with pederastic tendencies.

    I'd feel safer sending a kid to his room with an iPod.
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    Hmmm, this risks turning into a religious debate. Let's not go down that track. In fact I don't know why this thing was posted in the first place. It's just asking for it, and I don't think it was particularly newsworthy to begin with. Just my 2 cents.
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    I want wireless porn delivered to my iPod! :D

    ****ing sweet, rock on Cardinal. Those Catholics, they certainly have it all figured out....they even modified an iPod for wireless transmissions! :p What a tool. Sucks for Apple though, since now the term 'iPod' is linked to 'wireless porn'. Stupid priests, you know he has an iPod too :rolleyes:
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    Don't you mean He has an iPod?
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    'iPod' is ubiquitous with teh internets.
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    honestly, i'm not sure how to react to the article or this thread. i see two very valid and competing sides.

    the thread side - if there is going to be a condemnation of the electronic devices, ensure that you have your facts straight. don't complain about the ipod and cell phones recieving material that is unsolicited. one can recieve, the other can't. it's a reactionary comment that is being built on the coverage that the ipod recieves. i see the same thing happening when microsoft releases an update on a product (ie has tabs!? awesome!). something only becomes mainstream when the market leader gets it. i can understand being confused about tech when you are discussing privately, but don't make an announcement without doublechecking first.

    the article - much of the thread is complaining about the dogma of the church and that parents need to stop their kids from looking at a given material. i think that is all the priest is trying to do. alert parents to dangers of technology. remove 'ipod' and he may have a point for parents to consider. before letting your kids have electronic devices, make sure you understand what is the state of tech and its potential developments around you. if the article said ipods are the devils work, i can see how someone can say intended to oppress the masses into not thinking (ok, not really - maybe just fear of tech is all i call it). remember folks - we're talking about a convenience items, not the sun revolving around the earth.

    as for the whole priest/pedophile thing. who says that this priest isn't a stand up guy. i am far from catholic, but as a whole i respect the group of them. putting them all together is no different than the us rounding up americans of japanese heretige because they were in the same 'group'.

    sometimes we need to be a little less quick on the draw when we see something we don't like.
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    Cool, I want an iPod that can download stuff wireless, too!
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    I hate when people try and talk about technology and have no idea what they are talking about. If the parent's don't want their kids looking at that sort of stuff how about putting a FireWall on and tunr on parental controls, and while their doing that they can monitor their child while there using the computer. I swear most techonology stories like this are just using the Apple brand name and product name such as the "iPod" to gut attention. Fox news does this all the time and it' makes me angry. I wish non-tech savvy people would stop thinking they know everything technology, and try and actually learn about it first.

    *sigh* :rolleyes:
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    Oh lordy oh lordy!!! *waving hands in air frantically*

    Uh huh :p

    The worst part is that Apple takes a negative PR hit on this because 'their' product is now synonymous with The Satan. I really hate ignorant religious-ers :rolleyes:
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    When is Apple shipping the wireless iPod?

    Seriously though, how could porn just "show up" on an iPod? Are there magical porn transmitters that search until they find an iPod and then load on some porn? Is this the excuse kids are using now?

    This is much of the reason why I don't take religious propaganda seriously: lack of research. Priests and cardinals attempt to take on things they don't understand and this is what happens. Ridiculous!
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    That would be very hard for his non tech minded parents to police:rolleyes:
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    I guess there's now something that will be called "Porncasting" where you can get porn on your iPod via the air? You'd think god could stop such a thing, I mean, he is omnipresent, right?
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    The overall idea is correct. People may become exposed to pornography through e-mail and other media. Obviously, it was not written in a detailed manner as to explain how the pornography gets to the listed devices. However, one thing I was feeling from the article was that the Cardinal himself was quite experienced with exposing himself to porn. :p
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    Quick! Someone tell His Steveness that Apple is shipping a wireless iPod!:cool:
  23. emw
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    Know thine enemy.


    The downside to all of this, of course, is that now Apple has to sue the Catholic church to get them to stop spreading pre-release product news.
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    I think that whenever you get an article posted regarding a political or religous comment about a feature of today's society, you will always get extreme points of view in response. We are all human and we all have our own opions on those topics based on our individual beliefs and policital views. The internet has become the whole world's public opinion board.
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    Not sure about anyone else but I am certainly seeing the lighter side to some of these comments ;)

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