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All iPads Care with Sena Cases

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Dlanod, Nov 26, 2012.

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    I ordered a case from Sena for my iPad. When it arrived I didn't pay it much attention because I had decided to stick with another case. When I went to return it I noticed that it was faulty. I've asked Sena to pay the return postage costs and they have refused. I will now suffer the loss of shipping from the UK to the USA.

    So suspect quality and suspect customer service. I couldn't recommend them I'm afraid. You have been warned.
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    How was it faulty?
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    Front cover was bowed - and the magnets wouldn't catch properly - meaning the case fell open easily apart from looking a bit strange. Pity - I have had some good stuff from Sena in the past.
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    I share your disappointment with Sena. Their products used to be so high quality, and their customer service was fantastic. They were always so quick to get products released.

    Now they've gone to the toilet. They take FOREVER to release products, and now the quality has suffered. I've had the UltraSlim Pouch for every iPhone I've owned, and the last 2 (the 4S and the 5), have both had issues in the stitching causing them to come unstitched shortly after purchase.

    I contacted them to complain, and they offered a replacement in which I first had to send mine to them, then they send a replacement, leaving me unprotected for the two week process. Such a shame.

    Now whenever a new device comes out, it takes them 2-3 months to release the cases. I ordered their Ultraslim for the iPad Mini when they announced the preorder the first week of November, and now they're saying they'll ship in JANUARY!

    I now find that by the time SENA gets around to releasing their products, there are plenty of other like competitors who have similar products. SENA has always come with a hefty price, and it's no longer worth it to me
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    ...and I sent their case back and they are not only refusing to refund the return postage but also the cost of the original postage which they are bound to refund under the distance selling regulations in the UK.

    So now they flout the law in the countries they ship to. I have just made my very last Sena purchase. Ever.


    I ordered the Smart Case from Waterfield Designs for my Mini and it came from the US to the UK standard mail in 9 days. And it's awesome!

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    My understanding of the law is that it requires return postage paid if the item is defective. Clearly there is nothing wrong with the case you just changed your mind and no longer want it. Take some accountability for your actions. Just because nothing good comes from the UK, don't take it out on Sena.
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    He said the case was defective. Would the front cover being bowed and not catching properly not be defective?
    In one post you were with him saying that Sena is no longer producing good quality products. Now you're against him saying nothing good comes out of the UK so don't blame Sena? :confused:
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    Right, so if it's defective, he'd be right to ask them to cover the replacement cost of the shipping, but not the return shipping. Sena should just say keep it and re-ship a new one, but that's their choice.

    I do stand by my statement that nothing good comes from the UK, though, hehe
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    Guess you don't like any Apple products since the lead designer is Jony Ive? :p
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    Terrible analogy.
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    I'm going to change my position on this one. I now agree with the OP, Sena is shady and should be held liable for the shipping if the product is defective.

    I just had a similar situation. I bought a case for my iPad Mini (Ultraslim), and the product that came had huge chunk-magnets imbedded in the case, causing lumps on the case. They say they're not responsible that it looks different than the clean, sleek photo on the website, and won't refund my original shipping, nor my return shipping.

    Talk about shady. I will never buy anything from Sena again, and that says a lot because I've owned every Ultraslim since the iPhone 3G

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